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I got tagged. Damn these things are hard to do.

1… Things that scare me
**Being home alone
**Something going wrong during a birth and not being able to fix it
**Drunk people

2…People who make me laugh
**My crazy adorable kids
**My Dh when he talks like a white girl

3…Things I hate the most
**When pedophiles are let out of prison
**Elective C-Sections
**Drivers who don't signal
**Commercials during a good show
**Cold weather

4…Things I don’t understand
**Why do good people have to die?
**My MIL's heavy accent

5…Things I’m doing right now
**Drinking a Pepsi
**Eating apple cobbler
**Listening to the radio
**Waiting for the mail.

6…Things I want to do before I die
**Fly on a private jet
**Deliver a celebs baby and have said celeb rave about me on TV, so then people will offer me tons of money and hire me just so they can say that they had the same midwife of some famous person :P

7… Things I can do
**Take charge during a birth

8… Ways to describe my personality

9… Things I can’t do
**Hang out with smokers
**Start the lawn mower or BBQ

10…Things I think you should listen to
**Dr. Newman and Dr. Sears
**Your inner self
**Michael Moore, as crazy as he is.

11…Things you should never listen to
**junk mail

12…Things I’d like to learn
**How to fly a plane
**How to do a cart wheel
**How to change the weather

13…Favorite foods
**Gateau pas cuit
**Pate chinois
**Spaghetti (my recipe)
**Ice cream (french vanilla)
**Gummi bears

14…Beverages I drink regularly
**ice tea

15…Shows I watched as a kid
**21 jump street
**My little pony
**Gem and holograms


  1. kkr // 10:07 a.m.  

    The Care Bears too! I used to babysit and watch it with the kids. Ah, you guys are just wee babies!
    Thanks for answering or I would have had to force you to listen to a speech by GW or something...lol
    I love Michael Moore too and am absolutely afraid of our governments and the liars who lie. Johnny Depp is HOT! You rock, Chantal!

  2. Crystal // 3:18 a.m.  

    Update your blog woman!!!

  3. A. Lucie // 6:09 p.m.  

    Yeah what Crystal said Update your blog !!!!!