Tempt Me

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Tempt Me, by Lucy Monroe
April 2006, Berkley Sensation.
Grade: A-

Humiliated by his family's indiscretions, Lucas, Lord Ashton-nicknamed "The Saint" - wants nothing more than to live a quiet life with the prim and proper bride of his choice. And if the innocent young lady in question gives him some decidedly devilish urges, he is determined to control himself-much to her dismay.

Lady Irisa Langley is at her wit's end. Much as she loves her exasperatingly perfect fiancé, she's starting to think it would be wrong of her to marry him. For Irisa has a secret that would shock even the world-weary denizens of the Ton, and someone-who doesn't want her anywhere near Lucas-knows it.

Lucas never knew that he could desire more in a bride than impeccable manners and an unblemished pedigree. But even as scandal looms, a loyal little spitfire with heated kisses and silken skin is making him forget every rule of etiquette he's ever known...

I picked up this book for a few reasons. First because I am trying to get a hold of all books written by Lucy Monroe, plus I had set out to buy Take Me. Tempt Me was sitting right there next to it, and since it's a series I jumped at the chance.

It starts off with the heroine, Irisa telling her parents that if they force her to marry a man old enough to be her grandfather, then she will let the ton know that she was born outside of marriage. Thats no big deal now a days, but back in the 1820 it black listed you.

Irisa ends up getting engaged to Lucas. He is a fierce protector who is looking for the perfect, proper wife. At first he thinks that Irisa is that perfect mate, but he learns pretty early on in the engagement that Irisa is far from perfect.
Together they deal with a blackmailer, Irisa getting kidnapped, gossip, and her hateful parents.

I love, love, love how overprotective Lucas is of her. He does not put up with anyone hitting, threatening or gossiping about the woman he loves. He deals with it swiftly and painfully. To bad so sad for the one who dares to harm her in anyway.
The thing I love the best about Temp Me is that the love they feel for each other is brought out in the open early on. There is no waiting till the last couple of pages in the book before things are straightened out. They are a loving team throughout the novel, and work on all the problems they face together.

I can't think of anything I didn't like. Irisa is a bit of a flake and so naive about sex that it makes me laugh. It's all just part of her personality though, and it doesnt take away from the book.

As soon as I can I am going to buy the first book from this series. I was meeting Thea and Drake for the first time when they made appearances in Tempt Me, and I am eager to find out how they fell in love in Touch Me.
Meeting Irisa's brother, Ravenswood intrigued me, and I can't wait to learn more about him when I start Take Me... which I am going to do right now!!!