One lucky lord

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One lucky lord, by Kim Bennet
Dorchester, March 2002
Grade: C

Fearless English earl Thomas Wentworth scoffed at
failure, trusting in the legendary Wentworth luck to safeguard his spy mission
to Scotland. But a single encounter with saucy Scotswoman Fia Maclean turned
Thomas's mission topsy-turvy -- and tested his hereditary luck to the limits!
The very embodiment of madcap misfortune, Fia toppled Thomas from a castle
window, saddled him with a mangy mongrel, a knock-kneed nag, and a rotund rabbit
he'd sooner roast for supper. Worse, her honeyed lips and kissable curves set
him aflame with foolish wanting. And soon she'd all-too-innocently entangle him
in an enemy trap! His only escape? To wed the capricious chit! Battered,
bewildered, on the brink of disaster, brave Thomas quaked. For his newly
betrothed had just begun to bedevil him!

Fia wants to go to London and have her plays published. She runs into Thomas (they meet after she accidentally pushes him out a window) Thomas is a spy who is there to steal something. Fia convinces Thomas to ring her to London, but then Fia's powerful cousin finds them and he takes Thomas prisoner. Fia and Thomas get caught in a compromising position, so they are forced to get married.

Fia goes to London with Thomas and on the way there Thomas' best friend flirts with Fia and Thomas gets jealous.
After living together and getting to know each other they fall in love and have some babies.

This story was supposed to be some laugh out loud comedy, but it was just OK for me. I had a hard time getting past the Scottish slang. Fia must have said 'Och' a hundred times. 'Och' is supposed to be 'Oh' I think? It annoyed me to no end. Normally the Scottish setting books don't bother me in that way, but this one got on my nerves.

Every one else I have run into who has read this book has loved it. I feel bad for not liking it that much.