Regency speak

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Fortnight-2 weeks, 14 days.

Ton-A group of rich, well dressed people. The lite of thier time.

Levee-When a woman of propriety entertains guest in her bed chambers while she is getting dressed.

Hoyden-Is a female who is unladylike (tom boy.)

Come out-When a girl enter the season for the first time.

Season-From about March to July girls of marriageable age go to parties, balls and social functions in order to attract husbands.

Almacks-A very exclusive assembly room (club) in London.

Dower house-A home that is set up for a dowager.

Whist-A card game.


Dandy-A man who cares a lot about his appearance.

Bluestocking-A woman who likes to read or is very smart. She is innocent in many areas.

Bow street runners-Investigated crimes.

Chaise-An open carriage that was pulled by horses.

Rake-A man who like to drink gamble and sleep around with lots of women.

Reticule-A drawstring handbag.

Chit-A girl who likes to talk back, is saucy.

Dowager-A widow who holds a title..Countess, Duchess, etc

quizzing glasses/ monocle-An eyeglass used to watch people.

Green girl-A girl who doesn't know anything about sex.

Hackney-A rented carriage (cab/taxi)

Modiste-A dressmaker

Snuff/Snuffboxes-Tobacco carried in small decorated boxes. The tobacco was sniffed.

Laudanum-A drug used to help a person sleep or take away pain

Cravat-A cloth around the neck that a man could wear different ways.

Breeches-Pants that stopped right below the knee.

Shift/Chemise-A white garment worn next to the skin.


  1. ames // 3:21 p.m.  

    You know, reading this list, makes me wonder how the hell did I even know those words when I read historicals? LOL

  2. Chantal // 3:37 p.m.  

    I know!!! I knew what they all meant without looking them up. It's not like we learn the terms in school either.