Secret Ways

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Secret Ways, By Kat Martin
Published by Pocket star, April 2003
Grade: A

Back cover reads: Vermillion Lee Durant is well versed in the art of seduction and determined to remain loyal to the destiny she was born to fulfill. But to Captain Caleb Tanner, a British officer hunting a spy who has been leaking information to the French, she may be more that the flirtatious young woman she seems. Assigned to uncover the truth about Vermillion and her aunt, Caleb poses as a groom at the Durant racing stables--and fights an attraction to Vermillion that may cloud his judgment and threaten his heart.

Both captivated and annoyed by the handsome, arrogant groom, Vermillion vows to resist him--knowing she must choose allegiance to her family over the desires Caleb has awakened. But passion and truth cannot always be denied, even for two lovers who are masters at keeping secrets.

Vermillion was raised by her aunt who is a courtesan. The women in her family did not find happiness with marriage so the past several generations of women born in the family have all become courtesans. Lee-as Vermillion likes to be called by her friends, is supposed to choose a protector on her birthday, and has narrowed it down to three men. The problem is that she is not sure she wants to be a courtesan. However, she feels that she owes it to her aunt to become one.

Caleb Tanner is in the British army. He has been stationed at Lee's home undercover as a groom in order to find a spy who has been leaking information to the french. Lee, who is a horse lover spends time with Lee around the horses. Lee and Caleb are attracted to each other and they end up spending the night together a few times. Caleb is called away, and that is when Lee realises that she is in love with him.

Caleb comes back to her, but this time as himself. She is angry that he lied to her, but they work it out and pretty soon she is trying to help him find the spy.

As Lee's birthday draws near she feels the pressure to pick a man and she can't decide what to do. She loves Caleb, but she knows that he will go back on duty very soon, and she can't stand to be apart from him. She doesn't want to pick any of the other men because as nice as they are, they just aren't Caleb. Caleb does ask Lee to pick him, but she is torn because she wants to be more than just his lover.

I really enjoyed reading this. I even skipped giving my baby a bath tonight so that I could finish it. Don't worry, he didn't really need that bath anyway :)

What I liked: Secret Ways had a really good sub plot that kept me interested. Normally I don't like sub plot and I tend to skip over those parts, but this one was pretty good. It involved a woman close to Lee and her aunt. Her husband took on a mistress right after they were married, so after she did her duty of giving him an heir, she stopped sleeping with him, and took as many lovers as he did. Now, all these years later her husband has fallen in love with her and is trying to win her back.

What I did not like: There is nothing that I didn't like. I can't wait to seek out more books from this author!


  1. Holly // 12:44 a.m.  

    Dang, I'm really behind in my bloghopping, eh? LOL

    I have pretty much all of KM's books, but I don't think I've read this one. I burnt myself out on her awhile ago and haven't finished reading my collection yet (I bought them on eBay for a song).

    I might just have to pull this one out, though.

    Great review!