Fantasy, by Chrinstine Feehan, Sabrina Jeffries, Emma Holly and Elda Minger.
Published by, Jove March 2002
Grade: Over all B+

In these four novellas by today's hottest romance writers, a Victorian widow
auctions off her most prized possession: herself...a beautiful jungle explorer
discovers her own wild side...a bloodthirsty beauty gives in to her darkest
desires...and a young woman turns an all-male academy into a school for

The widow's auction, by Sabrina Jeffries. (Historical)
Seeing this author on the book cover is what prompted me to pick it up. I heart Sabrina Jeffries. Lady Isobel is a widow who was married to a very kind man who happened to be a terrible lover. A friend convinces her to take part in a the yearly Widow's auction so that she can experience another mans touch, and hopefully get over her husband. She is bid on by a friend she tends to bicker back and forth with a lot. He knows who she is right away, but she as no idea that he knows her real identity. At first he bid on her so that he can tease and embarrass her, but as the night goes on and he gets to know the real her, he starts to fall in love. He wants her to unmask but she is afraid of his rejection once he finds out who she really is.
I give The widow's auction a B.

Louisa's desire, by Emma Holly (Paranormal)
To tell you the truth, I can't tell you much about this one because I didn't finish it. I made it to the middle of chapter two, then I gave up. I'm sorry, it bored me and I had no desire to read on.
I feel bad because I like Emma Holly.

Mr Speedy, by Elda Minger (Contemporary)
This was my favourite story in the book. It was funny, romantic and entertaining.
Miranda is a writer who infiltrates a men only seminar by going under cover as a man. The seminar is run by some sleazy guy says that women are 'the other' and for just under $900 he will teach you how to get into 'the others' pants in 24 hours.
At the seminar, Miranda..who is known as Randy in her man outfit, is teamed up with hottie national magazine reporter Jake. He is also there to get a story.
There were a few times when I laughed out loud. When Jake comes to the conclusion that 'Randy' is gay. Then when Randy tells Jake that she is really a woman he thinks that Randy means transgendered. Jake is supportive of his new girly man little friend. He isn't a homophobe at all, and he is extra nice to Randy.
Dressed as Randy, Miranda spent hours talking to Jake about what they want in another person. The type of place they want to come home to after a long day at work, etc.
After it's revealed that Randy is really Miranda they have a night of passion but Miranda doesn't think it can go anywhere, so she sneaks off in the morning leaving him a note.
Tsk tsk. bad Miranda.
Mr. Speedy has an ending that made me very happy considering it's a short story. Instead of a 'I love you lets get married' ending, it had a 'I care a lot about you, please give us a chance' ending.
THis is a new to me author, and I hope her novels are as good as this short story was. I'll be on the look out for her name next time I go to the book store.
I give this one an A.

The awakening, by Christine Feehan (Paranormal)
Maggie is a shift shaper, except she has no idea. She sets off into the rainforest to claim a house that her birth parents left for her. She was adopted as a little child and knows nothing about her real mom & dad.
The moment she sets foot into the forest she feels different. All she can think about is sex and having it with a certain man. She doesn't who he is, but she knows he is near, and she wants him, needs him.
Brandt is the man her heart and body is searching for. He is the caretaker of the house, and a black panther in his other form. Brandt explains to Maggie about her parents and they were also shape shifters who were killed by poachers. At first she has a hard time understanding everything, but Brandt is patient with her.
After Maggie goes through the change and shifts into a panther for the first time Brandt has an attack of conscious and tells her that if she wants to go back to the city he will go with her. She decides that the jungle in her home and she wants to stay here and help him protect the animals.
Really good read, I give it an A.

Over all I am surprised at how good 3/4 of the shorts were. I tend to stay away from anthologies because I don't believe what it written. I love the concept of love at first sight, but not everyone writes it well enough for me to believe it, and since most anthologies have love at first sight type stories in them I tend to avoid them.
This collection did not disapoint me.