The secret lives of Doctors wives by Ann Major

Published by Mira, December 2006
Grade: C

Pierce Carver was one of Austin's richest, most successful surgeons. And he
was going to marry trauma nurse Rose Marie Castle and put her aching feet into
glass slippers. Unfortunately, the doctor had a weakness for the allure of youth
and feminine perfection. He jilted Rose Marie three years ago, and she's still
dreaming of revenge . . . Things are looking bad for Rose Marie. The night
Pierce died she was inside his magnificent home, half naked and very willing to
accept his apologies. Now she's the prime suspect. Worse, her high school
sweetheart is the investigating detective. But if Rose Marie didn't kill the
not-so-good doctor, who did? Between his ex-wives, his angry stepchildren and
the deep, dirty secrets driving their lives, somebody resorted to murder. And it
looks as if Dr.Carver kept the biggest, baddest secrets of all . . .

On that day of her 40'th birthday Rosie's ex fiance is murdered and it's pretty clear that she is being set up to take the fall. Lots of great suspense, a good Hero and I was only half way through before I figured out who the bad guy was. Usually I know right from the start.

As much as I liked the storyline I was really disappointed with the Heroine. She was completely superficial and immature. I would never be her friend in real life.

She not only has a 21 year old daughter with the Hero, but also a granddaughter. 21 fregan years and she didn't tell Michael that he was a father. There is even a part in the book where he tells her that he always wanted children..and she didn't say anything! The poor guy had to figure it out by himself...Right after seeing his daughter naked in a strip club!!

Rosie kept going on and on about not trusting Michael, he is just going to put her in jail, etc. Meanwhile she is having sex with him. Her big reason for not trusting him all these years is because he got her pregnant after telling her that a condom would keep her safe. Um, it's been 21 years and you are a nurse. GET OVER IT! Condoms don't always work-I'm sure you learned that in nursing school. Besides, at least he thought enough to use protection!

I could have also done without the 5 year old who talks like she is 12. I don't mind kids in books, but come on. Be realistic.

I'm sure that with a different Heroine I would have very little to complain about. Great story. Crappy Heroine.


  1. nath // 1:25 p.m.  

    You know Chantal, those are the worst. The ones with good story, but bad characters and especially heroine. I haven't read this book and I won't be... Can I roll my eyes at the reason why she won't trust the hero?!?! oh and poor him, seeing his daughter naked... not something a father wishes for...

  2. Chantal // 12:08 p.m.  

    It is a shame. The story was so good and it had my attention from the get go. But that stupid Heroine, argh! She ruined everything.