May read list

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These are the books I read in May. I haven't gotten to it yet, but I do plan to review Submission Revealed and The man within. (Both excellent reads)

I'm giving away Dark Seduction by Brenda Joyce. If you want a chance to win it, just make a comment in this thread. The only thing I ask is that you please do a review of it. I'd love to get some other opinions on it. I'll do the draw on June 8'th :)

1)Must love Dragons by Stephanie Rowe
2)Satisfaction guaranteed by Lucy Monroe
3)Duchess in love by Eloisa James
4)Lover eternal by JR Ward
5)Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
6)Menage by Emma Holly
7)Feet first by Leanne Banks
8)Four to score by Janet Evanovich
9)Someone to watch over me by Lisa Kleypas
10)Lover awakened by JR Ward
12)Lover revealed by JR Ward
13)Absolute Trouble by Michelle Jerott
14)Long hard ride by Lorelei James
15)Underfoot by Leanne Banks
16)As you desire by Connie Brockway
17)Promises Linger by Sarah McCarty
18)Dark seduction by Brenda Joyce
19)Submission Revealed by Diana Hunter
20)The man within by Lora Leigh

For the month of June, I have decided to do re reads. I'll reread books that I both loved and hated and then decide if things have changed from how I liked or didn't like it the first time.
Feel free to go through my reviews and recommend a book for me to reread. I don't mind reviewing some that I already posted about.

Oh yeah, I'm still buying books. Just not gonna read them yet. (I keep telling myself that)


  1. nath // 9:36 p.m.  

    You know, I'm always amazed when the end of the month comes and I see your list. I considered myself an avid reader and a fast reader and I still only get about 15 books/month ;P

    Enjoy your re-reads Chantal :D and let us know what you thought of them :D

  2. Lori // 11:04 p.m.  

    I think I've read about a third of the books on this list. Rereading is one of my favorite pasttimes, but I'm impressed that you'll do rereads of books you hated. Definitely one up on me!

  3. Anonymous // 7:24 a.m.  

    Chantal, I'm looking forward to reading your review! This story was a long time coming...but Phillip and Sarah hold a special place in my heart, since they were the first ones to whisper their story in my ear.

    Diana Hunter (who is posting as anonymous 'cause of the gosh-darned firewall!)

  4. Chantal // 11:06 a.m.  

    I will Nath. I'm on my second re read right now.

    Lori, I started started one that I didn't like the first time. It still sucks. What have I gotten myself into? lol

    Thanks for stopping by Diana. I enjoyed Submission Revealed very much.

  5. ames // 11:09 a.m.  

    I want a review of Menage! LOL

  6. Chantal // 11:46 a.m.  

    Ok Ames, I'll write that review just for you.

  7. Zeek // 1:06 p.m.  

    wait what did you think of Promises linger? ::giggle::

  8. Chantal // 2:21 p.m.  

    Zeek, I actually liked it very much. Kicking myself for not starting the series sooner.

  9. Holly // 5:09 p.m.  

    What did you think of Someone To Watch Over Me? I remember that it was alright, but definitely towards the bottom of books I enjoyed by LK. The other two books in the Bow Street Runners Trilogy are much better, IMO.

  10. Zeek // 11:00 a.m.  
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  11. Zeek // 11:02 a.m.  

    oops that was me who deleted ...

    See, SM's deffo a take it or leave it type of writer. I dunno why this series didn't strike me ... as you say, different strokes!

  12. Chantal // 11:10 a.m.  

    zeek, have you read some of her other stuff, and did you like it?
    I have only read the one book so far.

    I find that I am feeling that way about Emma Holly. I have read almost her entire backlist, but I can only think of 3 or 4 books that I would put on my keeper shelf.
    In fact, I just sold a bunch of them on Ebay.

    Holly, I did like Someone to watch over me. However, when it came to write the review, I couldn't remember too much about it.

  13. Zeek // 8:31 a.m.  

    I've only read the three in this series (the third I didn't finish however) I still have a tough time putting my finger on why? She writes hot sex ::bobbing eyebrows:: butafter that? Meh.

    The heroines bugged me, I do know that. Just to wimpy and annoying, although SM insisted on TELLING us they were not. I just did not see much evidence of it.