Romance readers ring and other news

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If you are a lover of romance and you want to get some more traffic hitting your blog, then you should join the Romance Readers Ring.

It's a great place to meet new friends and learn about new books. It's a ring that brings romance lovers together.
There is a list of members, favorite authors, and the coolest thing is a list of all books being released this month. I had no idea there were so many! Wow. I'm seriously going to go broke.

So, I have had my ebookwise for a few weeks now, and I am very pleased with my purchase. I had a few snags when I got confused about which formats I should buy in, but things have worked out rather well now. I'm carting my ebookwise around with me everywhere. While waiting in the lobby during my sons karate class, I was reading Submission Revealed. Another mom asked me what I was doing and poked her head over my shoulder to see. I was in the middle of a rather naughty scene. She caught a few of the words and she whispered "What on earth are you reading?" I leaned in and whispered "A very sexy Diana Hunter book".

She asked me more about it, so I handed the ebookwise to her and told her to find out for herself.

Let me tell you, I had to pretty much pry it out of her hands. She was really into it. Her littlest child started to climb up on her lap and she pushed him away. "Go play, mama's reading."

Right now, I am reading about my favourite bounty hunter, Stephanie Plum. Books 5 and 6. I'm also reading a Blaze book, as well as The rest falls away.

I'm sorry to say that I am having a really hard time getting into that last one. I keep putting it down for Ms. Plum. I love me some Ranger.

There are some reviews I need to get up, but I am being lazy about it. No excuses. Just pure laziness.


  1. Lori // 4:02 p.m.  

    I'm so glad you're loving your ebookwise! I've been there too - when people ask "What is that?"

    Last time was when I was donating blood - and it was a guy doing the asking. Opened his eyes a bit wider, I believe LOL.

  2. nath // 4:59 p.m.  

    LOL!! that's funny :D hope you enjoy the Stephanie Plum... I think that 6 is the one I stopped at... :(

  3. Rowena // 12:46 a.m.  


    Not another ebookwise lover, I still haven't gotten one but I want one soooo bad! Enjoy it, you lucky woman you!

    And thanks for the pimp! =)

  4. Anonymous // 4:07 p.m.  

    *grinning from ear to ear!*

    Love it!

    Thanks, Chantal :)

    Diana Hunter (who is leaving her name here 'cause her firewall's still acting goofy and making her post anonymously...grrrrr)