Annabelle's Courtship

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Annabelle's Courtship by Lucy Monroe
Published by Samhain

Ian MacKay, Laird of Graenfrae, has no use for love or marriage. However, his stepfather's will mandates that marriage is what he must an Englishwoman.
A sensible man, Ian develops a list of requirements in a wife: Plain, moderately dowered, older and practical. He thinks he has found the
perfect candidate in Lady Annabelle. Labeled The Ordinary her first season, Annabelle longs for a man who will see her as beautiful and love her as her father loved her mother. When she meets Ian, she thinks she has at last found that man. Until his proposal, in which he has the audacity to list his "requirements."
She refuses his proposal. He informs her that she will marry him at the end of the season. The battle of wills is on.

Ian is a Scottish Laird who is in great need of funds. His tenants homes are falling apart and several farming items need to be purchased/repaired in order to keep everyone happy and healthy. His step fathers will states that the only way Ian can get his inheritance is if he marries an English woman. Ian was once betrayed by a beautiful rich woman and it turned him off the idea of marriage. Once he understands that he has no other choice, he puts together a list of requirements. His new wife must be Plaine, Modestly dowered, Older and Practical.

Ian arrives in England for the start if the Season and after asking around he decides that Annabelle is the perfect woman to marry. Belle is attracted to Ian, and she is flattered that he is paying attention to her. Unfortunately, Ian believes is honestly, so he tells Belle flat out that he wants to marry her, and he tells her why.

"Your looks are not too grand and you are well past the age for marrying. You do not wear expensive jewels or gowns, which bodes well for future demands on my purse."

Even though she likes him, Belle does not take his proposal well. She tells him off.

"I am not interested in marriage. If I were, it would not be to an arrogant Scotsman who believes my lack of face and fortune make me willing to marry on such short acquaintance.'
Ian is arrogant, and doesn't understand why Belle doesn't fall at his feet. He keeps on trying to get her to marry him, and the more she flings the proposal back into his face, the more he wants her.

I like Ian, I really do. He starts off like such a typical conceited man who is used to getting what he wants, when he wants it. He is all about honesty, but he doesn't seem to realise that his words are hurtful. Even though Ian comes off as an ass some of the time you wind up laughing, because Belle does not let him get away with it.

"Do you really think I wish to dance with you after your insult?"
"'Twas not an insult, lass. 'Twas a proposal."
"My name is not 'lass'. Is it Lady Annabelle, as Ceddy told you on these
many days past. Are you hard of hearing? Perhaps you need an ear trumpet."

See? It's hard to stay mad at Ian, when it's clear that Annabelle can take such good care of herself.
Laird Ian does figure out that his words are hurting Belle, and he tries to make it up to her. He agrees to court her and he is very sweet. He is protective and amazingly romantic.

Right after Belle finally agrees to marry him they get all touchy feely. Ian stops before it goes to far and Belle asks if they could keep on going. She wants to know why they must wait before they make love. She also reminds him that they have done other things, so is it not the same thing? Instead of giving the stock answer of 'I must know my heir is really mine."
He says,

"What we did was share pleasure, but when we make love we will join our bodies, We will become one. It is not the same. It is more and it is for marriage."
How romantic.
Yes, Ian started off insensitive to Belle's feelings, but he quickly changed his tune.
There is a villain in Annabelle's Courtship. A man who needs money, wants to marry Belle and then do away with her after he gets an heir from her. Belle is put in danger a few times, and Ian never fails to rescue her. I love a Hero who beats up on the person who threatens his love, and Ian didn't disappoint me.
We have a Heroine who wont let a man talk down to her and is far from being a wimpy simpering Miss. A Hero who did well in redeeming his early behaviour. Several moments where I giggled at what Belle said or thought, and of course, a romantic love story. This is what all historicals should be like. An A from me.


  1. Isabel // 1:34 p.m.  

    *What we did was share pleasure, but when we make love we will join our bodies,
    We will become one. It is not the same. It is more and it is for marriage.*

    Wow, that is romantic. SOunds like another good one.

  2. Holly // 3:03 p.m.  

    Aww, this sounds really good. I'm way behind in my LM news, so I forgot about this one (even tho you've reminded me countless times).

    I'll bump it up on the list.

  3. Lori // 2:08 a.m.  

    Damn, damn, damn!!! I so want to read this!!! I cannot wait until I get my new ebookwise. It totally sucks that mine picked the week Lucy released a new book to die a miserable death.

    This book sounds fantastic.

  4. Stacy~ // 6:34 a.m.  

    It sounds just wonderful. I just love Lucy's stories. Great review.

  5. ReneeW // 3:01 a.m.  

    This sounds very good. I haven't tried Lucy Monroe before but sounds like I better put this on my list.

  6. Rowena // 1:57 a.m.  

    Awww, I totally want to read this...Awwwww, I love the line that Izzy quoted from your review and I like the names Ian and Annabelle...I'm so going to get this and read it when I get a chance, great review sweetie!