My September list of books read

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Twenty one books this month. Thats not too bad. I started the Anita Blake series. My round up of the first six books is here. I have since completed a few more from the series, but I had to stop as my library is missing some of them them. I can't stand to read out of order so I have asked the library to order the missing books.

I keep saying that I wont be buying any books till I finish my TBR pile, but it seems that I like to lie about that. Oops. It's not my fault though. Blame Chapters. Every time I go near that side of town I can hear it calling out to me. I have to go in. It would be a sin not to. Books need to be bought and read. Sheesh.

My ebook TBR is nearly as big as my print pile. Tsk tsk tsk. If I believed in non sexual physical punishment I would ask someone to slap my hands. Seriously, I don't even know where to start. I get extremely over whelmed every time I turn on my ebookwise.
It could be worse, right? I could have nothing to read. Boy, that would really suck.

My books read last month were,

1)Skin to skin by Dionne Galace
2)Tanner's Scheme by Lora Leigh
3)Slave to sensation by Nalini Singh
4)Circus of the damned by Laurell K Hamilton
5)Brazen by Maya Banks
6)Annabelle's courtship by Lucy Monroe
7)Sacking the quarterback by Carol Lynne
8)Stranded by Eve Vaughn
9)The lunatic cafe by Laurell K Hamilton
10)Bloody bones by Laurell K Hamilton
11)Lean mean thirteen by Janet Evanovich
12)The killing dance by Lurell K Hamilton
13)Burnt offerings by Laurell K Hamilton
14)For her pleasure by Maya Banks
15)Blue moon by Laurell K Hamilton
16)Again the magic by Lisa Kleypas
17)Lover unbound by JR Ward
18)To Serve and Submit by Susan Wright
19)Sex, Lies, and Online Dating by Rachel Gibson
20)Sink or swim by Alexis Fleming
21)Lessons in love by Kate Davies


  1. Isabel // 10:10 a.m.  

    cute picture. lol

  2. Zeek // 12:31 p.m.  

    Me thinx that's Tanner you're reading about! What did ya think of it?

  3. ·:*¨¨*:·.Mad.·:*¨¨*:·. // 4:50 p.m.  

    Hehehe, I love the fact that you're reading as you're swinging your kiddo....I used to do that too although no one ever took a picture of me doing it. LOL

  4. QB // 5:44 p.m.  

    Keep your eye on Fictionwise. I picked up ALL of LKH's Anita Blake and Merry Gentry series in ebook once with 40% micro rebates (cause having multiple print copies AND audio books just wasn't enuff *snort*). I'd buy a couple then checkout to get the rebates. Then get a couple free, then buy a couple, etc.

    Also, if you buy one or two of a series, I've had them send me discount codes for the rest of the series.

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  6. nath // 8:05 a.m.  

    21 books, that's actually awesome :D I really love the picture, Levi looks like a doll LOL :)

    and there should be a book: Blame it on Chapters :P I totally understand you :)

  7. Chantal // 10:23 p.m.  

    Hi Izzy, thanks :)

    Hi Zeek, Yep! Thats Tanner. It was good. The very first Breed book, Tempting the beast, will always be my favourite though.

    Hi Mad, my husband took the picture to prove my addiction. Like I need proof, lol.
    I had been sitting on the bench when he got annoyed and asked why he is playing with the kids all by himself. So I grabbed the little on and started to swing him...while I read. LMAO.

    Hi Bev, good idea about Fictionwise. If my library doesn't order the missing books, then I'll check for them in eformat.

    Hi nath, thanks! If I recall he was glued to DH when you were here. See, he does want me sometimes for something other than nursing :)

  8. Erin // 12:02 a.m.  

    Wow you read a LOT lol. As for Cassie Edwards, sorry I didn't care for the book Savage Love, maybe it was just one of the bad ones.

    Out of your list I have read the early Laurell K. Hamilton ones, the early ones are amazingly addictive and the best series out there (up to book 10)

  9. Lyn Armstrong // 10:42 a.m.  

    Hi Chantal,

    Thanks for mentioning my new release, "The Last Celtic Witch". I'm glad you liked it. The romance novel is very near and dear to my heart. It is the first book in the Celtic Series. I am almost finished with the second book, "The Celtic Witch and the Sorcerer", so I think Resplendence Publishing will be giving you that one next.
    You'll find a big surprise in this novel. I've pushed the boundries even further. LOL

    All the best
    Lyn Armstrong

  10. Chantal // 1:30 p.m.  

    Hi Lyn, welcome to my blog :)

    I did like the last celtic witch very much. I'm glad to hear that it's part of a series.
    When I sent in my review for it I said that I was hoping it was a series, so yay!

  11. Lyn Armstrong // 2:48 p.m.  

    Hi Chantal,

    You'll be happy to know Resplendence Publishing picked up the next book in the Celtic Series. If you liked reading "The Last Celtic Witch", you'll love the 2nd book, "The Celtic Witch and the Sorcerer" - available Jan 2008 at

    I hope you have a magical day.
    Lyn Armstrong