My plea to publishers

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I understand that I am just one little reader, and you probably don't care what I think. I know that lots of others complain about this. My fellow bloggers bitch about it all the time. Yet it still happens

Clearly, you don't care about making us happy, because you still insist on making it difficult for us to find which books are part of a series.

This vent is for you, Avon! Today I went to the store to buy the Wallflower series by Lisa Kleypas. Stupid me, I forgot the titles I wanted to buy at home. Chapters had several LK books in stock. However, only 2 were clearly marked as part of the Wallflower series, so those are the ones I bought. It wasn't till I got home and found my list that I realized I had held the other ones in my hand, but I had put them back because I didn't think they were part of the series.

I know there are some gals out there who don't need to read in order, but I do.

PLEASE. Please, please, please, please if you care at all about us, please make it easier for us to buy your books by listing somewhere on the cover that they are part of a series. Do you have any idea how difficult it is for me to stand there and try to figure it all out while I have three kids hanging off me?! Jeez!