Nicholas by Elizabeth Amber

Published by Aphrodisia

Why I read this: Well, Ames told me something very interesting about the Hero. I couldn't not read it after she told me what she did about him.

Nicholas looks very much like what he is—a handsome, successful heir to a vineyard in Tuscany. But Nicholas is much more for he is one of the last in an ancient line of Satyr men. And the dying king of ElseWorld wants him not only to marry, but to wed one of the king’s own daughters—a half-human, half-faerie woman unaware of her heritage. Nicholas won’t shirk his duty to produce heirs to guard his race’s legacies, but he never planned to make his bride his only lover. A Satyr’s sexual hunger and sexual skills are legendary. One woman will never satisfy him.
Or so Nick believes until he meets Jane. As spirited as she is fey, as beautiful as she is innocent, she is nevertheless determined to make her new husband hers alone—and she’s eager for him to teach her every deliciously carnal secret he knows.

Jane is half fey, but she has no idea that her dad is really a Faery King and ruler of the ElseWorld. She has some physical abnormalities that she is ashamed of, and has tried her hardest to hide. She also has the ability to heal plants and flower by touch alone. She loves that part of herself, but she must keep it a secret.

Nick is also not fully human. He is half Satyr. He and his brothers are very successful vine yard owners and once a month something...interesting happens to them. It is called The Calling. The Calling happens on every full moon. (highlight for spoiler) From the start off the full moon, till the next morning, the brothers each develop an extra penis. It's located a few inches above the first one and is just slightly smaller. In order for the second penis to go away, the men must have anal sex with it. Since the sight of that extra penis would freak out a human woman, the guys have sex with Shimmerings. Female bodies that that are conjured up by thought. Also, a woman can only get pregnant by a Satyr man during The Calling, and only if he wills it to happen.

Nicholas was a good erotic read. Very steamy. Trust me, you wont want to read it with kids around. However, I felt that it lacked a few things. I'm going to go ahead and give it a solid C. As good as the erotic part was, there was very little romance. Since this book is marketed as an erotic romance, I was hoping there would be some love other than in the carnal way.

At the end of the book, Nichols does declare his love for Jane, but I didn't believe it.
Nick and Jane spent little to no time together other than in bed. Plus, if Jane had not asked him to stop seeing his Mistresses, which in turn prompted him into teaching her how to be his Mistress as well as his wife, Jane would have spent the rest of her life having to pleasure herself after Nick goes on to his own chambers after bedding her.
In defence of Nick though, he was taught by his father that men do not do certain things with their wives. That they should hire a mistress for the more fun parts of fun.
That still doesn't change the fact that all they did was have sex together.

Although there are no inconsistancies, I am left with unanswered questions. There is one ritual that takes place during The Calling, that made absolutely no sense to me. The reason for it went way over my head and the only reason Jane agreed to it is because she was guilt tripped into it. That entire scene just proved to me that there is a whole lot of lust, but no love coming from Nicholas to Jane.

Having said all that, I do plan to read the next book. If you want a sexy erotic read then this is the book for you. If you want romance in your books, then I suggest you skip this one.
My hope is that in the next book will have romance.


  1. Dev // 11:35 a.m.  

    I'll more than likely skip this one. I don't mind erotica if it's part of the story, but I don't like it to be the main focus. Besides, I read a review at Stacy's site this morning and she felt pretty much the same way you did. I do hope the 2nd book is better.

  2. Stacy~ // 12:15 p.m.  

    OMG, I like your review better, but basically it's the same as mine. I was sent the book by the author to review.

    According to the bio, EA is the pen name for a multi-published author but when I went to the website and saw a pic I couldn't figure out who it was - do you have any idea?

  3. Dev // 2:49 p.m.  

    Stacy ~ I found this at

    "Elizabeth Amber is a very successful author of children’s books under another name. She is
    a member of RWA and lives in the Seattle area."

    Wonder who she is. I don't really know who writes children's books these days :D

  4. ·:*¨¨*:·.Mad.·:*¨¨*:·. // 3:20 p.m.  

    Eh, I think I'll pass on this but...can you email me that spoiler about the hero please? *G*

  5. Chantal // 3:38 p.m.  

    Dev, yeah, if you like romance to actually have romance, then don't bother with this one.

    Stacy, I always read the bio info at the back of the book about a new author before I start reading, and the entire time I was reading Nicholas I was trying to recognize a writing style to connect her with an other author. No one came to mind.

    I just saw in Dev's reply that she writes kids books. I wonder what her name is under than genre? My house is loaded full of childrens books.

    Mad, I gave the spoiler about the hero in the area you have to highlight :)

  6. ·:*¨¨*:·.Mad.·:*¨¨*:·. // 5:08 p.m.  

    I saw that after I posted my

  7. QB // 5:10 p.m.  

    I know exactly what you're saying. But for me it was the glowing blue nipples-- that was just too weird!

    However, since it was interesting and I haven't read this story a thousand times before, I intend to get the next one too. But the middle brother was a bit of a dour fellow, so I hope she can pull it off.

  8. Marg // 6:52 a.m.  

    The cover is certainly eye catching!