Finding Her Place

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Finding her Place by Midnyte Dupree
Published by: Resplendence Publishing

The war is over and Cameron Cabot no longer knows who she is. Her life was enveloped and consumed by the fight, but suddenly things have changed. Instead of fighting creatures wanting her planet, Cameron is now fighting the urge to lay claim to two men who believe she is their mate. Has Cameron found her new assignment in the arms of a Noah and Mars?

Yes, if a mischievous little spirit has anything to say about it...

Exclusive Excerpt:

Sitting up, she looked around her the room. It wasn’t familiar. It was sterile and cold. The furniture was bland in color and not very distinguishable. A bed, two tables, a closet, and small dresser were the only things in there. Nothing personal of any sort.
Looking down at the bed, she noticed two lumps at her side. Her heart began to pound in her chest as she carefully pulled the covers back and away from the bodies.
She sucked in a breath.
“Holy shit!”
She clamped her hand over her mouth, fearing to wake the unknown men. Memories began to assault her. She held her head between her hands and leaned forward into her lap.
The crash. She and Simone had been flying to Andro for a vacation. A rogue ship had shot them down. She thought she had killed them.
Maybe these men were with them.
She pulled the blankets further away from the men and, revealing the most well-cut bodies a woman could ever hope to see. A sliver of remembrance flashed through her mind. Could it be these men reminded her of the men in her dream?
One had tawny skin and well defined muscles, and the other’s skin was creamy white and not quite as muscular, but slim and athletic. Their bodies were nothing like she had ever seen on Venusia.
Feeling a breeze, she looked down and noticed her nakedness.
“What the hell?”
Cameron slapped both men on the chest as she drew the sheet higher on her body.
The muscled one quickly pulled out a laser weapon from under his pillow and pointed it dead at her face, just inches from her nose.


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  1. Kris // 9:22 p.m.  

    Ooh, a new menage book, sounds good. Thanks for sharing. Hope you are doing well. :)

  2. Midnyte Dupree // 6:28 a.m.  

    Thanks for posting my book!! Looks great on your page! :) I just love Finding Her Place. I hope everyone enjoys it too!