Want a lollipop, or a free book?

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Lucy Monroe has made some changes to her website and has asked her readers to take a peek. This is what she says on her blog,

I just did some updates to my website and sent some others off to my designers to accomplish. I was wondering if you feel like browsing a bit? Just check around my website for dead links or glaring errors and post them here. I've got a lollipop and signed bookmark for everyone who finds an error.

Then, in a couple of days, I'll draw a name from all the comments to this post and that winner will receive a book of choice from me. :)

Speaking of winners, DQ told me she has posted the winner to the comment section on her blog. I'm still waiting to hear from the lucky poster. :)

Hugs and thanks!

Lucy :)

What are you waiting for? Go find those errors on her website. :)