Submission Revealed

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Submission Revealed by Diana Hunter
Published by Ellora's cave
Grade: A

Sarah and Phillip are planning their marriage and exploring the boundaries of anextreme Dominant-slave relationship. As Phillip opens the doors to Sarah'ssubmission, she discovers places she had buried deep within herself. Under hisguidance, she will become the woman she has always yearned to be.But chaosensues when Sarah's secret submissiveness is revealed to the world, andPhillip's dominance is considered abuse when the law gets involved with theirsex lives. Their happiness is threatened, their lives put on hold as they areforced to defend their most private actions and the sex games they play.

This book is the sequel to Secret Submission. I read SS, but I didn't review it. Now I wish I had, because it was just as good as this one.
In this sequel, Sarah and Phillip are planning their wedding. Sarah is giddy in love with Phillip. She is thankful to have found someone who treats who so well and loves her unconditionally. Phillip is as much in love as Sarah is, and he is happy to have found the woman of his dreams.

Two weeks before the wedding, Sarah is in a car accident. She has some injuries caused by the accident, but doctors find some other marks on her that could not have happened during the crash. The marks are suspicious enough for hospital staff to call the police. Phillip does not deny giving her the marks, and they end up arresting him for domestic assault.

Phillip and Sarah are forced to put their wedding on hold while they deal with the authorities who don't understand their way of life.

Submission Revealed is an emotional read and had me getting angry, not at the book, but at how the couple was treated, because authorities refused to believe/accept that what was going on in their bedroom was consensual.

They couldn't understand how a woman would not only ask to be spanked with a cane, but also crave it and orgasm from it. Sarah got up on a witness stand and told this to a judge a jury. I can't imagine having to do that.

Just because you do not understand something, it does not mean that it's wrong. Sure, the majority of the world is into monogamous, vanilla, straight sex, so I understand the hesitation when it come to a couple who call each other Master and slave. Still though, a lot more acceptance would do a world of good.

This was a really enjoyable read. I didn't want to put it down. Even if there are no more books based solely on them, I hope to get a glimpse of Phillip and Sarah in future books.


  1. Holly // 5:11 p.m.  

    Hmm, this sounds interesting. But I'm not buying any more books until after my move. I keep buying books and reading them instead of packing. LOL

    Remind me next week to buy this one and the one before it, will you?

  2. Lori // 11:06 p.m.  

    Although I read some, and will even read Joey Hill, really hard core BDSM makes me uncomfortable, but the premise of this one sounds really interesting and different.

  3. Chantal // 11:13 a.m.  

    I'll remind you, Holland.
    Now get back to packing so that you can move in with your hot cop fiance.

    Lori, this one definitely isn't for everyone. It goes way beyond the standard blind fold and handcuff use during sex.

  4. Diana Hunter // 11:36 p.m.  

    I just found this review...thank you for your kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm also glad it got you angry. It is, unfortunately, a kink not well understood by the authorities.

    Your last comment is actually what prompted me to write. Yes, Sarah and Phillip will make an appearance in a future book. SERVICES RENDERED has just been accepted by Ellora's Cave and while those two are not the main characters this time around, they do put in an appearance.

    Again, thank you for your review.
    Play safe!