The life and death of an eBookwise

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Two years ago I bought my eBookwise, it was a gift to myself because as much as I enjoy e-books, I'm not fond of reading off of my computer.

Holly probably remembers the day my eBookwise arrived. I was so excited to get started that I didn't even read the instructions first. Holly talked me through it, step by step. She didn't even laugh too hard when I complained that it was hard using my fingers when I named and registered it and that I wished there was a special pen that I could use. She calmly informed me that there is indeed a pen and that I can find it slid into it's spot on the top right hand corner of my device.

My lovely eBookwise has been everywhere with me. It's awesome being able to cart around as many books as I want in one handy little device.

Sadly, I left my eBookwise unattended yesterday and when I went back to retrieve it it was not left in the spot I had put it. I said, "Who touched my eBookwise?" My youngest child said "Cotton did."

Oh, really? Cotton is one of our dogs. A tiny Maltese who can do a few tricks, but moving an eBookwise from the headboard to the dresser is not one of them.

Bottom line is that the eBookwise was dropped to the floor and would no longer turn on.
Have you ever lost your wallet, or have one of your kids go missing while out in public?
No joke when I say I felt that kind of panic.
I was also mad. At the little one for touching it and at myself for leaving it where he could get it.

I waited all day for Dh to come home and see if he could fix it.

He plugged in the charger to make sure the battery just wasn't dead. I knew it was fully charged, but Dh still had to make sure.

Then he started to take it apart.

Here is the inside of the back piece. That's the battery.

This is the over half-- the motherboard that is underneath the LCD screen.

Somehow there were some crumbs, so Dh cleaned it. He also looked closely for anything that may have moved around or something during the drop. He found what was broken, he fixed it, put it back together!!


For real, I was so sure that I would have buy a new one. I even looked on eBay to try and find a used one. Huge relief. Phew.


  1. Wendy // 2:01 p.m.  

    I once thought my wallet had been stolen (turns out I just misplaced it) and I think it shaved off 10 years of my life.

    I was hyperventilating reading your post! OMG - I would have died a few thousand tiny deaths. Lucky you being married to a guy who could fix it!

  2. Rowena // 6:22 p.m.  

    My heart stopped when I started reading your post in Google Reader and then I almost started crying for you. Phew is right, you better take care of your DH tonight...he deserves it! =P

    And how funny, Holly walked me through setting mine up too. I would die without her. LOL.

  3. nath // 7:35 p.m.  

    Your hubby is the best, Chantal! I'm so glad that he was able to fix it!! Have to say, that second pic scares me a bit :P

    and LOL, Cotton did it :) Nice try :)

  4. Chantal // 10:15 a.m.  

    Hi Wendy, Ro and Nath :-)
    I'm so very relived. Thank you for understanding my fear.
    Yikes! that was a scary few hours while waiting for Dh to come home.

  5. Kris // 9:03 p.m.  

    Yay Dh!!! he deserves a big kiss for that.

  6. Holly // 1:36 a.m.  

    OMG! My heart stopped when I saw the title of this post. You are SO brave to let your dh take it apart. I'd be too scared..that second pic freaked me out!

    I'm so glad it's fixed for you, though.

    Also..LOL @ you and Rowena. Y'all are dorks, but I love you. :0)

  7. Anonymous // 1:32 p.m.  

    eBookwise is very good about repairing/replacing at low cost. But I don't think they would do it if you'd previously taken it apart to try to fix it.
    Right now I have three eBookwise readers and Kindle 1. I'm waiting eagerly for eBookwise's ETI in color to become available, now that Barnes & Noble has purchased Fictionwise. So far it's been available only to the military and to very large companies who use it for training. But I expect B&N will release it fairly soon, making it the first readily available COLOR electronic ink reader and putting B&N ahead of Amazon's Kindle.

  8. Daphnie // 3:17 a.m.  

    The Ebookwise is a tough little machine. My toddler threw mine into his wading pool last year. I was horrified! I might have even screamed, a little. I had my back turned, & heard the splash. I whipped around, & snatched it out of the pool before it ever hit bottom, but the damage was done, water ran out of the unit. I yelled for my oldest so, who is tech savvy, thank God. He took one look at my panicked face, & said in a super calm voice, (you know the kind of voice that they use on crazy people), anyway, he told me that he would try to save it. He took it apart, submerged each piece in alcohol,(to evaporate the water) set the whole thing, in about a gazillion pieces on a kitchen towel, & told me to wait at least 4/5 days, & he would put it back together, & we would see. Anyway, long story short, it still worked! There are a few water spots, on the touch screen, but it worked! So they really are tough, little fantastic machines!

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