A few good books

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These are some of the books I have read over the last few weeks. I highly recommend you go out and buy them. Some of them have been out for a few years, so you should be able to find them easily at your local library, if thats what you prefer to do.
"Goodness Has Nothing to do With it" by Lucy Monroe. I tell you, Lucy can not write a bad book. She has not disappointed me yet, and I doubt she ever will. She has talent with a capital T.
Also from the same author is "The Scorsolini Marriage Bargain" Harlequin Presents, July 2006.
Ok, I guess I'm not very good at telling WHY I love a book. I'm not a writer, and I can't get my feelings down on paper as well as other people can. Just trust me when I tell you that that these are great books. Any novel than I can read in one day is a great one!
I also just read "The Shadower" By Catherine Sprangler. It has a strong heroine,
a sexy hero, and plenty of action from start to finish. It's the first novel by this author I have read, I am sure to read more from her.