Dumb cat

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The lady in the basement apt next door has a cat who uses my flower gardens as a place to take a crap 3 times a day. I have told her a number of times that her cat does it, and she says she is trying to get rid of it, but that does not stop the cat from doing it's job next to my pretty flowers. Yesterday I finally told her that I didn't want to clean it up anymore, and there is a big pile right next to my Lily's, so please take care of it. She did. However, today when we came home from the park there were 2 more piles that I had to clean up, and them my neighbour told me that she watched the cat take a dump in my front garden. I had to clean that one up too! SICK!
It's stinks so much, and there are flies. Gross!
I called the bylaw office in our city because a cat bylaw was passed, but it does noy come into effect until Jan 1. Sigh.