The morning after

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Yesterday would have been 58 years married for Memere and Pepere. My aunt says that she kept Memere busy the whole day, and when I spoke with Memere she didn't mention Pepere. I was going to post about their anniversary yesterday but I didn't want to make my aunt cry again.

Speaking of my aunt, now that she reads my blog there is so much I CAN'T post about. For instance the wild, erotic, sweaty, satisfying sex I had last night. Oh yeah, it was hot, and good, and very, very niiiiice. So amazing that I can hardly walk today.
I can't talk about it though.

I'm going shopping tomorrow, I have some things I need to buy before our trip to Alberta. A swim suit, some more shorts, sandals, more breastmilk storage bags. Another suitcase. Oy!
Only 12 more days!


  1. Anonymous // 12:38 p.m.  

    I know you are just saying that because my little niece would never do what you just wrote about, can't wait until you are here.

  2. Anonymous // 4:13 p.m.  

    I so remember that picture, we were all sitting outside then Pepere came out to join us, and we realized the batteries in his oxgen tank were out, he had no oxgen coming through his tube.

    A. Lucie

  3. Aly // 10:04 p.m.  

    haha to funny!

    I'm so sorry about your pepere Chantal. I wish I could offer a hug.