You've got male

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You've got male, by Elizabeth Bevarly
October 2005, HQN
Grade: C -

Back cover reads

Sometimes, when you least expect it, you become an ex-con. But like many things
in computer genius Avery Nesbitt's life, it just kind of happened. And since her
release from the pen eight years ago, life has been good, even though she never
leaves her house and communicates--and dates--solely through the Internet. Now
the feds, specifically one Federal Agent Dixon, are at her door again. But this
time they need her skills to capture a criminal mastermind. And in order to
catch him, Dixon needs to stay close to Avery. Very close to Avery. Which means
things are about to get a little sticky…

I don't know if I liked this book or not. I liked the plot- A lonely girl who lives on the Internet is forced to help a government agency stop a terrorist. Our heroine, Avery, is supposed to have the hots for our hero, but as a reader, I don't feel it. The sexual tension that makes a romance so good was non existent.

You've got male starts off really good. It was comical, interesting, and the first three chapters were excellent. Up to that point I could not put it down. Then it all went down hill. Dialogue went on and on and on and on...Bored to me tears. The only thing that kept me reading is that HQN books always has great love scenes, too bad this one took so darn long to happen. The love scene was good though, I'll give it that. It went on for 10 pages, and was very hot indeed. Too bad it took over 200 pages for even the first kiss to happen.

The book is part of a series, and in order to find out if/when the bad guy is caught you need to buy the next book. I do want to know what happens with the guy, but not enough to seek out the book and pay money for it. Maybe if I hadn't had to force myself to finish it, or was so annoyed with the lack of hero/heroine connection I would take a chance. I'm just not into it though.