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Today I went to the grocery and when I tried to lock the van door with the button on the remote starter there was no beep to tell me it was locked. Weird. So, I turned towards the van and tried. Still nothing. Then I walked right up the van and hit the button again..nothing! Damn. So I had to open the door and lock it from the inside.

As I was waiting for the bagger to bag my groceries I used my remote starter to start the van. It didn't! Dammit. Then when I got out to the van I had to actually stick the key in the lock and unlock it manually. I can honesty say that I have never had to do that since we bought the van four years ago.

I get home and hand the remote starter to DH and tell him "the stupid thing is broken. I had to lock, unlock and start the van by hand!!!
He stares at me and says that I am the most spoiled woman he has ever met.
Well, DUH! I never claimed NOT to be spoiled. Geez.


  1. Crystal // 1:15 a.m.  

    OMG LOL!! I am dying laughing over here, I can just picture you saying that lololol It sounds like the remote thingy needs new batteries

  2. UNCLE STEVIOKI // 2:49 p.m.  

    omfg that is the most hilarous thing i have ever heard... my car doenst even have a tape deck that works.. so never mnd the car starter lol u crack me up...oh and it sonds like a transport truck and sometimes doenst sart at all hahahah

  3. Holly // 1:02 a.m.  

    LMAO! OMG that's hilarious! hahaha

    Seriously, that's so funny. Ok, we're ALL spoiled by technology, I think. But still...Gosh. You crack me up!