Lone Eagle

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Lone Eagle, By Cassie Edwards
Penguin books, December 1998


In the wilds of 1856 Wyoming, the daughter of a white landowner and a slave woman escapes the harsh existence forced on her by her father, who treats her as a slave despite her fair skin. When her horse goes lame, she steals one from a nearby Crow Indian village, only to be caught by its owner, the proud Lone Eagle. But the warrior's anger quickly turns to passion for this willful woman, and her own desire for escape and freedom turns into something else entirely.

This was just like every other Indian Lore Cassie Edwards book. Hunky chief falls in love with beautiful white girl 15 minutes after laying eye on her(In this case the heroine is half black, but has snow white skin) As soon as heroine declares her love for sexy chief she is kidnapped, attacked, put in danger somehow, so her man has to go save her. They then have babies and live happily ever after. The end.
It's almost like reading the same book over and over again, but I don't mind. I'm a bit addicted to the Savage series, and even though the single titled books are very similar in plot they are still entertaining reads.

In Lone Eagle, our heroine Zondra, is a slave born to a rich white man, and a poor black slave. Her parents love each other but because it's the 1800's, they can never be together. Zondra and her mother live with the other slaves in her fathers plantation, and even though her father takes her for horse rides and is kind to her, he has never publicly acknowledged her.

After Zondra's half brother tries to rape her, she decides that she should run away. She doesn't want to be a slave anymore, and she doesnt like the way the men of the plantation at her..with lust in their eyes.

Having met the hero, Lone Eagle, once before, she sneaks into his tepee and he allows her to spend the night. She sneaks away from him as he sleeps, and then a few days later she steals his horse. Once he catches up with her he takes her as his captive. They fall in love, she gets kidnapped by her half brother, she gets away. Zondra and Lone Eagle are reunited, they get married and then have a couple kids.


  1. Holly // 1:01 a.m.  

    LOL! You crack me up. Have babies, the end. hahahha

    I've never read CE before. Native American stuff just doesn't interest me. *sigh*