November 12'th

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What does one wear to a Tom Jones concert? I don't think the outfit worn to see Kidd Rock is going to cut it. I think my son would be embarrassed if I went out with him wearing hooker boots, a slut skirt and a cleavage top. Hmm, I think jeans and a t-shirt will just have to cut it for tonight.

Police cars were down the street the other day. I found out that some political lawn signs were vandalised. I have a lawn sign, and mine wasn't touched. Word of mouth is that it was just kids causing trouble, and it really had nothing to do with the election.
As if they called the cops over that! I know someone who called the police after someone spray painted a happy face on her house for sale sign. So stupid.
While I'm at it, I'd like to bitch about people who complain about hospital wait times. Stop blaming the system. Blame the people who use the ER for dumb things. A cold, sore knee, fever, crying baby and cramps do not constitute a trip to the *Emergency* room. If you are well enough to sit there for 8-10 hours while you wait to see a Dr, then you are well enough to wait for an apt to your family doc or walk in clinic.
Rant over.


  1. ames // 9:44 p.m.  

    Have fun, you sex bomb! hehe