August Heat

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August Heat-Men of August, By Lora Leigh
Ellora's Cave
Grade: B+

Join the August Family for Christmas.
It's been a little more
than a year since Cade, Brock and Sam wrestled their lives back from the woman
determined to destroy them. Join them in this first August family Christmas
celebration, August Heat, and see if their wives have been naughty or nice, or
if the brothers must show them once again how proper August wives should

**Warning, this review contains major spoilers from all the books in the Men of August series**

This is the last book in the Men of August series. It's a short one. Less than a hundred pages, but it ends the series nicely.

At the end of the 3'rd book all the brothers and women get married. It's a triple wedding with a twist..Each man legally married the woman his loves, and then a less formal ceremony bound the hearts of the women to each of the other men, and vice versa.

Marly decided she wanted to have a baby and the men had fun trying to make that happen. No question to who the dad is though..Sam and Brock made sure that Cade is the only one who could have gotten her pregnant by pulling out, and then not being with her again till after she became pregnant.

Everything is going along just fine. The women are enjoying all the lovin'. They are happy, safe and secure.

Then in book 4, Marly has the baby and everything starts to change. All three men and women have strong desires for their own home and family. The men have already decided to stop sharing the women, and the women have decided they don't want to be shared. The problem is that no one is saying anything in fear of hurting the other.

The women make sure that they are never alone in a room with any of the brothers, and work so hard at avoiding them that they don't even notice that the only man coming on to them are their own husbands.

Eventually the men figure out why the women are annoyed and the men feel hurt and angry that their wives did not trust them enough to tell them how they feel. The men then punish their own wives in that sexy kinky style they are so famous for.

In the end the sharing ends, two more homes are build on the ranch for Sam&Heather and Sarah&Brock. Everyone has babies, and lives happily ever after :)

This is part of the authors note at the end of August Heat..
Be watching for more news of your favorite August family coming in the sequel series, The Men Of Madison, beginning with Tina’s Temptation. It’s the story of an August relative, and our tough-as-nails Madison County sheriff, Joshua Martinez. Hey, sheriffs have handcuffs. This could get interesting.

Yay! I can't wait!

P.s-The cover for this book is too damn embarrassing to post.