Heather's gift

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Heather's Gift, by Lora Leigh
Ellora's cave
Grade: B

Book 3 in the Men Of August series

Will she bring the gift of acceptance, or will she break the bonds that have
been forged through the fires of hell?Heather's job was to guard Sam's body. As
part of the team assigned to the protection of the August family, she had taken
her job seriously. Until a madman learned she was Sam August's weakness. Until
the past rose with deadly intent and surprising secrets. Will Sam be able to
deny his passion for this woman, or will the dark nightmares and sensuous
desires that rage through them both be the cause of his destruction, and the
destruction of the woman he loves?

This third book in the Men of August series is about Sam and Heather. Heather is working at the August ranch as part of the security team. In the 2'nd book, Sara's Seduction, Heather was attacked by the stalker. She was hurt pretty badly and for that Sam feels horribly guilty. He knows the only reason the stalker went after Heather is because the two of them have strong feelings for each other.

Even though Heather does not want to be part of the August brother's family fun, she wants to be with Sam, but he pushes her away. Sam's anger and sexual frustration is bothering everyone in the family, and they all try to make Sam go to Heather, but he is too afraid for her safety.

In the end after seeing the brothers bond, and realising that it's not just lust that drives them to share their women, Heather goes to Marly and Sarah for help and advice before joining the brothers in the family room. I liked how it was the women who put the big seduction into motion this time. The other books it was the men who set it all up. The gals took control this time, yeah!
Most importantly, the stalker is captured. Finally! Everything about the abuse the brothers suffered in the past comes out. No more secrets.

I fregan love this series!