Sarah's seduction

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Sarah's seduction, By Lora Leigh
Ellora's cave
Grade: B-

Book 2 in the Men of August series

On a hot summer night six years before, Brock August showed
Sarah Tate a passion that would nearly destroy her. But fear and innocence drove
her from his arms and into a marriage she neither wanted nor found happiness in.
Now Sarah is free and she wants that night she lost. One night, a few stolen
hours to know the heat and passion of the man she never forgot. But Brock has
other plans in mind. A secret, a passion, a desire his brothers share. A desire
Sarah will be unable to deny. That is, if she can escape the dark designs of the
stalker intent on destroying the August men

You can read about the first book in his sexy series here.
Brock has been in love with Sarah for six years. After spotting Brock's twin brother Sam, looking in on them just before they have sex, Sarah freaks out and runs away. Within days she marries a man who spends the next six years treating her like crap and cheating on her.

After the divorce, Brock make his move on Sarah and finds that the passion they almost shared 6 years ago is still there. As Brock and Sarah get closer to each other the stalker does much to tear them apart. Not only do they have to deal with that, but Marly is at first very upset about Brock falling in love Sarah. Marly does not want to let Cade touch another woman.

In this second August brothers book we learn much more about the abuse the brothers suffered. Brock has shared the past with Sarah to help her understand why they need to share the women they love. Marly, who is still in the dark about it begs Sarah to tell her, and when she does. Cade is not too happy about that. The truth has upset Marly, and if you read the first ook then you know that Cade beats up anyone who makes Marly cry. Cade would never lay a hurtful hand on Sarah, but she does get punished for telling Marly. Oh yah, she liked the punishment a lot.

At the end of this book the stalker is still at large, and we also meet the woman who steals Sam's heart..Heather. One of the women who has been hired to guard them against the stalker.


  1. ames // 6:56 p.m.  

    Ok, this sounds crazy. Cade still gets it on with Sarah anyway?

    I'm think of buying the first book, but don't want to get the rest as ebooks. (That's a door I never want to open. LOL)

  2. Chantal // 9:40 p.m.  

    Oh yes, Cade gets it on with Sarah a few times. He just had to wait for Marly to give him permission. As much as he wanted/needed to go all the way with Sarah, Marly is who is most important to him.

    In Heather's Gift, Sarah and Marly actually help Heather get ready for her first time with the brothers. The gals all really bonded together. I'm going to post all about that one in a few minutes.

    You know, I think I will still purchase the print books for this series to put on my book shelf.
    I bought the e-books because I didn't want to wait for the print versions to arrive. I'm a very impatient gal.

  3. ames // 11:21 p.m.  

    Sounds kinky. LOL Meaning, it sounds really good. hehe

    Hopefully the print versions come out soon.

  4. Chantal // 8:50 a.m.  

    As far as I know the print version has been available for while, it's just out of print at the publishers for the moment, so there is a 6-ish week wait for delivery.
    I think I saw someone on ebay with a copy for sale.

    P.s, can you email me please?
    I tried to find your email address, but it isn't listed.

  5. Chantal // 8:52 a.m.  

    Where the heck is my pic, and why does it say my profile is unavailable? weird.

  6. ames // 9:43 p.m.  

    I emailed you! :P

  7. Zeek // 3:25 p.m.  

    damn you, I can't believe someone else has outdistanced me on LL!

    Oh I'll be catching up as soon as I get the money together for my massive amazon order!