Ice Queen

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Ice Queen, By Joey W. Hill
Pulished by Ellora's cave
Grade: B+

Back cover reads: They call her the Ice Queen. At the exclusive BDSM club known as The Zone, Mistress Marguerite is a legend. Tyler Winterman has been fascinated with her since he's known her, though the rules of their world say they shouldn't share more than mutual admiration. He is her male counterpart, one of the most powerful male Doms practicing at The Zone.

Due to a computer error, Marguerite lacks the mentoring program stipulation required of all Zone Doms, which includes spending a number of hours learning about BDSM from the submissive's perspective. Tyler considers it an act of fate that Marguerite chooses him to be the Dom who helps her fulfill that requirement. He is convinced she is a "switch", a closet submissive, but the truth will be even more remarkable than the theory, changing their lives in ways neither of them anticipates.

Having no equal except one another in their skills at stripping a sub's defenses bare, these two Dominants will turn their considerable talents on each other and discover that who is Master and who is slave doesn't matter, not when two souls have found their mate.

This is the first part of the story. You have to purchase both books or else you are left with a cliff hanger, not knowing how the story ends.

Marguerite is a Domme who goes to The Zone. She is the most sought after Mistress. Tyler is part owner and top Master at The Zone. Both of them had a part in
Mac and Violet's story. Violet and Tyler are best friends, so Mac and Violet showed up a lot here.

Marguerite asked Tyler to help her fulfill all the requirements in order to stay a member of the Zone. The requirement is for her to see it all through the eyes of one of her submissives. She doesn't want to do it, she doesn't see the point of it or think that it will help her be a better Mistress. After all, she is the most famous Mistress at The Zone.

Tyler convinces her to spend the weekends with him at his house, and is surprisingly gentle with her. He doesn't make her call him Master, he insists she looks him in the eye anytime they speak and of course he gives her a safe word. I forget what it was, but it had something to do with tea. Marguerite owns a tea room and is very into the art of tea. She teaches him about tea, and he breaks her in a sub.

She starts to get very upset when she realizes how easily she submits to Tyler. She is shocked that she enjoys it so much, and Tyler is thrilled about it. He has had the hots for her for a long time, but never thought a relationship was something that could happen between the two of them.

When Marguerite discovers that not only does Tyler care deeply for her, but she also cares for him. she can't handle it though and she retreats and gets mean. Tyler wants to know about her and be with her but she just pushes him away. There is something scary in Marguerite and Tyler knows it has to do with her past. She has scars on her body that she wont talk about, and she very easily reacts with violence in threatening situations. She beat the shit out of a drug dealer with a bat, she fought really hard against a mugger, she even broke the rules of The Zone when she went too far with a sub. She found out that he was abusing one of her other subs, and she almost cut his penis off. The Zone security stopped her before it went that far.
We know her anger comes from something that happened to her in her past. We don't find out what happened to her in this first part of the story, except that it's horrible and has scarred her emotionally and physically for life.

Marguerite went back and forth about Tyler. One day she wants to be with him then the next day she doesn't. Naturally Tyler is annoyed, but he doesn't give up on her. In order to prove to her that he will do anything for her, he tells her that he wants the chance to submit to her. She agrees, and they set up a day and time at The Zone.

This is when it gets really interesting. She has him strapped down naked, spread out and she just goes crazy. She starts to beat him, breaking all the rules about what is and isn't allowed to happen within the walls of The Zone. She takes all the pain within her and she lashes out at him while he helpless to do anything about. She beats the hell out of him. She goes on and on. It was hard to read the abuse she inflicted onto him.

Finally she stops has no idea what to do. Tyler is pretty calm about it though. He tells her it's OK and since he is still strapped down he guides her over to him. This part of the story ends with her holding onto him accepting that she can't Dominate him-that she doesn't want to. She wants him to Master her.