Mirror of my soul

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Mirror of my soul, By Joey W. Hill

Published by Ellora's cave
Grade: A

Back cover reads:
Some stories can't be contained between the covers of
just one book. In Ice Queen, Tyler helped Mistress Marguerite fulfill the
mentoring requirement The Zone club imposes on all its Dominant members, to
learn about BDSM from the submissive's perspective. Though Marguerite is one of
The Zone's most sought-after Mistresses, Tyler is convinced she is a "switch", a
closet submissive. But the truth that is revealed is more remarkable than
that.As he begins to unravel the complex and terrible layers of her past, Tyler
must do what he's never been willing to do before. Open up his own soul,
offering Marguerite his own dark places in order to help them both heal. Only
then will they be able to surrender to a force stronger even than The Zone's
most powerful Master and Mistress—a force that can bind them together

This second part of the story starts off right where the first part ended, so unless you read the first part you will be very confused and have no idea what is going on or who any of the players are. Great news is that this part starts off right where the first one left off.

We now learn everything that happened to Margarite when she was a child. From the age of 8-14 her father raped, sodomized and and put cigaret burns on her. He was a sick sonofabitch who has issues with his mother, so he took it out on his daughter. Asshole.

After Tyler finds out about her past he is more determined that ever to help her. Not only for her sake, but his own. Tyler's had a wife who commited suicide, and he feels guilt for that. He thinks that he should have been able to stop her and since he couln't, he wants to help Margarite.
Things just get more complicated when Tyler finds out that Margarite has a secret hidden sexual obsession. When she is alone she strangles herself into orgasm. That really makes Tyler angry and scared because he is afraid that she will get killed.
Tyler and Margarite finaly find happiness together and he asks her to marry him, but before she can yes their relationship is once again put to the test when Margarites father is let out of prison and comes after her.
This is a very powerful and romantic read. This here is a favourit part..
“Angel.” He pressed a kiss on the lid of each of
those confused blue eyes. “Since the time I’ve met you, you’ve set your own
style, your own way of doing things. You can call me anytime you want. Anytime.
Every second, every hour. And every time, I’ll answer the phone with the same
eagerness to hear your voice as I did a second before. I’m here. I told you that
last night. I’m not going anywhere.