Ceremony of three, By Evangeline Anderson
Published by Ellora's cave
Grade: C+

Back cover reads:

When Elaina Stevens is viciously attacked by a rogue
vampire, she survives only because another vampire intervenes. Rafe is a Night
Dweller, sworn to protect humans from the ravages of his own kind, feared
creatures known as Dark Wanderers. To protect Elaina, Rafe puts his mark on her
and in the process brands her very soul. But Rafe's vows forbid him to touch her
again…no matter how much she wants him to.

Then Elaina
discovers Thorn, the vampire who attacked her, wishes to repent for his past
sins. But the process of bringing a Dark Wanderer back to the light requires a
human host—someone willing to be filled with the essence of both vampires at the
same time.

To be with the man she
loves, Elaina is willing to do almost anything — even act as the host for her
most feared enemy. She agrees to accept both Rafe and Thorn in a single night as
the mysterious act of sex magick draws the rogue vampire from darkness into
light, not knowing what will happen between vampires and human when the Ceremony
of Three is over.

I admit that I got this e-book based on the cover. Just look at that cover. HOT!
Unfortunately, there was no story. It was pretty much just one great big sex scene. I understand that novella's are short stories, but I have read quickies that had more of a plot than this one did.

The story opens with Elaina thinking back to a year earlier when she was attacked by a vampire. She is saved by another Vampire named Rafe. Rafe takes her to his house where he takes care of her. Elaina falls in love with Rafe, and she knows that Rafe loves her but he has not done anything sexual with her. He hasn't even kissed her. He explains that if he as much as touches her then she will be bound to him for all of eternity. He doesn't want to do that to her.

She walks in on him having an argument with another vampire. Said vamp turns out to be the same one who attacked her a year earlier. She finds out that Rafe and this vamp, Thorn are old friends. Thorn doesn't want to be a bad vamp anymore. The only way for him to be good is if the Ceremony of three happens..a human woman must act as a portal for Thorn and Rafe. By that I mean that she has to have sex with them both at the same time.

It takes her no time to decide to do it. Even though she is afraid of Thorn, she feels a connection to him and she can tell that Rafe has string feelings for Thorn so she does what she can to help him.

If you want a really fast read to pass the time while you wait for your favourite show to start, then this is the book for you. If you crave a story with more substance and and good plot, then skip it.


  1. Zeek // 3:36 p.m.  

    One of those fill 'er holes, no waiting stories? LOL! Yeah, I like my sex stories, but I also like a plot! Can't we have them both??!

  2. Jazz // 11:35 a.m.  

    Is the sex at least hot? Then I might read it lol. Yeah, I'm a perv and every once in awhile I like just a no plot hot story. Just for kicks. lol.

  3. Chantal // 12:31 p.m.  

    LOL Jazz! It was all right. Not bad, but not award winning either.