Lucky's lady

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Lucky's Lady, by Tami Hoag

Published by-Bantam 2003
Grade: C

When Serena Sheridan's Grandfather vanishes into
the vast and infamous swamps of Louisiana for no apparent reason, she feels
compelled to abandon her successful career as a psychologist and go and find

But Serena is deeply afraid of the hostile
territory she is confronting and her only guide is the renegade Lucky Doucet, a
dangerous Cajun who offers little hope of protection in the steamy Bayou swamps.
However, determined to find her Grandfather at whatever cost, she sets off with
lucky on a journey into the watery maze that will change both their lives

Serena has to venture out into the bayou to find her grandfather. She hires Lucky Doucet to navigate her through the swamps. At first she hates him, and so did I. The way the author described him he sounded so ugly to me. I kept picturing a big monkey with Angelina lips . He was so cocky and full of himself. Lucky was saying something sexual every time he opened his mouth. I know he was just trying to intimidate Serena, but it was annoying. Usually I like the heroes who know they are hot, but I didn't think Lucky was hot enough to brag so much.
Thankfully Serena calls him on it and he shuts up.

Serena and Lucky reach her grandfather and the reason he took off is because big business is trying to get him to sell his land. They want to build some sort of plant and destroy part of bayou.

Serena is caught in the middle. She hates the Bayou, but she doesn't want to see it destroyed, or have someone take her childhood home away from her. Serena does a lot of whining. I wanted to slap her up side the head.

Someone decides to get rid of Serena so that she is not around to stop the sale of the land. Some thugs kidnap her and they try to rape her. Lucky runs in and saves her, but she stops him from killing one of her would be rapists.

Serena is in love with Lucky, but he doesn't think that he is any good for her. So, for like 4 months he cuts off contact with her and works on his art. It isn't until he opens with his first art show that he is prepared to give her the life he thinks she deserves.

Anytime the story started to get good it took a turn that I hated. The last straw was her getting pregnant and not telling him till 4 months later. I can't stand that!

I still enjoy Tami Hoag's romantic suspense books. Lucky's Lady annoyed me during some parts, but Tami is still an awesome author.


  1. Zeek // 3:38 p.m.  

    I find her stuff to be booooor-ring! I'll probably skip this one.