Prince of ice

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Prince of ice, By Emma Holly

Published by, Berkley sensation, Nov/06
Grade: C+

Back cover reads: Humans like to call them demons, but the Yama are an old and civilized race, far too civilized to fraternize with lesser beings. It is only through subterfuge that a quarterhuman infant, one Xishi Huon, is raised side by side with the Midarri heir, whose own peculiarities make her his soulmate—at least until the whispers of their unnatural fondness get her banished to an orphanage.

Coming of age as a courtesan, Xishi excels in the erotic arts. But when Corum Midarri becomes her new owner, the relationship will test the limits of her gifts. Corum is the Prince of Ice now and not the sensitive boy she knew. If he succumbs to the temptations of her human touch, their love will defy every convention his kind holds dear. If he doesn’t, his uncontrollable sexual needs might drive both insane.

In The price of ice there are two races of beings. The Yama, and the humans. The Yama race are smarter, more advanced, and all together more civilized.

Prince Corum is the hero of the story. When his mother was pregnant with him she found out that he lacks the ability to control his emotions. It was advised that she terminate her pregnancy, but she was sure that she could teach her son how to act like a proper Yama.

It was pretty clear right from birth that there was nothing she could do to help him control his emotions. All he did was cry. Yama babies do not cry like that. Like I said, they are too civilised. The only time that little Price Corum showed happiness was when a servant's baby daughter was with him. Little Xishi , just a few months younger than the price became his playmate.

Even though he is happy when Xishi is around, he still can't control his emotions. He gets angry and even cries sometimes (GASP!)

After noticing how close Xishi and the Price are, Crums mother sends Xishi away. This traumatises Corum and he develops a real hate on for his mother. Almost over night his whole personality changes. He shows no emotions at all. He doesn't smile, get angry or express happiness. He becomes what everyone calls, the Price of ice.

Years later Price Corum purchases Xishi as his pillow mate. They soon discover the impossible..that they are mates! They can't figure out how though, because genetics have made it so that royals can only mate with royals. Little do they know that Xishi is part royal. She is also part human! That causes problems later on in the story when a rival alerts the authorities that Prince Corum is with a human. Thats a big no no. Yama and Humans are not to mix.

The story takes a drastic turn when Xishi and Corum are separated from each other. This surprised me, and even though other readers posted about it, I still wasn't ready for it. It happens so fast. When they are reunited they hardly have a moment to kiss each other hello before someone is trying to kill them.

I liked the twist at the end. I like being caught off guard. Nothing worse than knowing whats going to happen before you get to the end. I read way too many predictable endings like that.

One thing about the end bothered me. The last 5 pages to be exact. I wont give it away, but I felt it was not needed and it was disrespectful to Xishi and Corum.
The pages evolve another prince that Xishi became friends with while she was training to become a pillow girl. It's very obvious that he is going to have his own story. I just wish his last scene in The price of ice didn't happen they way it did.

Anyone know how to pronounce Xishi?
I keep thinking it's Key-She. Is that right?


  1. Jazz // 7:56 p.m.  

    Hey Chantal, so do you think I should read it? Is it all Sci-Fi? I don't really like that but I do love Emma Holly. I've read a few of her contemps, and historicals. But none with paranormal in them. Was this one also erotica like her others? Cause that's what I know her from. And is this the first book in a series or is there others beofore it?

  2. Chantal // 9:32 p.m.  

    Hi, I tagged it as erotic, but really, it isn't. The sex is more kinky and explicit than you would find in more mainstream romance, but it's not as daring some of EH's other stuff.

    It's not sci-fi (yuck) but some of the terminology is far out. The whole genetics and how the Yama body works when they go into heat was confusing to me.

    It is part of a series. The first one is called 'The Demon's Daughter'. I have not read it. I didn't know this one was a series book when I picked it up. As far as I can tell there is no one from this book who was in the other one, and vice versa. That makes it easier for me as I can pretend it's a stand alone, lol

    To tell you the truth, I did enjoy The prince of ice, but not good enough to buy the first one in the series.

    Do read it, but try to borrow a copy-don't spend money on it.