My big fat supernatural wedding
Publishes by St. Martin's Griffin
Grade: It sucks.

Werewolves, vampires, witches, voodoo, Elvis---and weddings An “ordinary”
wedding can get crazy enough, so can you imagine what happens when otherworldly
creatures are involved? Nine of the hottest authors of paranormal fiction answer
that question in this delightful collection of supernatural wedding stories.
What's the seating plan when rival clans of werewolves and vampires meet under
the same roof? How can a couple in the throes of love overcome traps set by
feuding relatives---who are experts at voodoo? Will you have a good marriage if
your high-seas wedding is held on a cursed ship? How do you deal with a wedding
singer who's just a little too good at impersonating Elvis?

Spellbound by L.A. Banks
I didn't get very far with this one. I stopped on page 13. The way they spoke drove me crazy. From what I can tell it's about two lovebirds who want to get married but their families have had a feud against each other for years. The families are both magic and put spells on each other. They each put a celibacy spell on the lovebirds, so anytime they try to have sex then weird stuff happens.

Something borrowed by Jim Butcher
A wizard rescues a bride on her wedding day so that evil faeries can't kill her or corrupt the groom. There were no sparks with either of the two main characters, the 'hero' came off really girly to me.

Dead mans chest by Rachel Caine
Cecilia is tricked into wedding a romance cover model on a pirate ship. When new husband tries to kill her, the ships captain, who happens wot be a 200 year old dead pirate saves her. They fall in love and lift the curse that has kept him and his crew sailing for so long. I would love to see this one extended into a novel. It was pretty good for a short story.

All shook up by P.N. Elrod
I guess Elvis fans would like this one. I didn't. A caterer who can see into the future sees that the current bride and groom wont last more than a few month. As soon as the Elvis singer does some love songs, the couple have magically fallen in true love and will last. As soon as I saw that yet again this story wasn't even about the main character I made it a DNF.

The wedding of Wylda Serene
Oy. The story was told in the first person by someone who wasn't even the hero. In fact, again, there is no hero. Wylda's wedding gets interrupted by Aphrodite, and the mother of the bride ends up marrying some old dude who had talked as if he had the hots for Wylda. Really weird book.

Charmed by the moon, by Lori Handeland
On the day of their wedding a couple finds out that they fell in love because of magic. They set out to find out who made the charms and why. They end up breaking the charms to see if they really love each other, or is it all just because of the magic.
I'd like to read more from this author.

There are three more stories, but they were all DNF for me. Sigh.


  1. Anne // 3:27 p.m.  

    EEK. I hope you got it used. What a HUGE waste of money. When this book came out I wanted it so badly, but then the Amazon reviews started to trickle in, and I never did buy it. Now I'm really glad I didn't. Sorry it was so shitty for you Chantal. I hope the next book you read brings you great pleasure. :-)

  2. Chantal // 12:19 p.m.  

    I paid full price :(
    Since it was such a DNF I have no problem doing an exchange at the bookstore, but it has been sitting in my TRB so long that my time for a refund or exchange has run out.

    I bumped up a Brenda Joyce book to read. She always make feel better.

  3. ames // 12:19 p.m.  

    Too funny. I really enjoyed the Wedding story and Jim Butcher's. Oh well. :P

  4. Shelly @ Bewitched // 10:59 p.m.  

    I was wondering if this anthology was worth picking up. I usually don't like anths and your review convinces me that I'm probably not going to like this one either.

  5. Kris // 9:11 p.m.  

    That is a bummer about this book. I had been wanting to read it. (Somehow I missed this post when you posted it.)It stinks when you pay that much for a book and do not like it. That is why I am always so leary of buying full price. I hope that yo get something htat you like when you trade it.