Three to get deadly

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Three to get deadly by Janet Evanovich

Published by St. Martins
Grade: A-

Bounty-hunter Stephanie Plum has to track down Mo, the local candy store
owner who has jumped bail. Nobody will believe that Mo has done anything wrong,
but Stephanie - with the help of big blonde Lula and good cop/bad cop Joe
Morelli - soon discovers that Mo has more than candy in his basement.

The laughs were back with book 3. Oh how I love that Lula. She reminds me so much of me. Er, minus the part about being a black overweight ex hooker. Other than that she and I click.

This time Stephanie is after candy store owner, Uncle Mo. He missed his court after being arrested for having a concealed weapon, and Stephanie is sent to get him. It's supposed to be a nice easy pick up, except Uncle Mo has vanished, and people are showing up dead all over the place.

Stephanie and Joe almost have sex again. Almost. It's interrupted when bad guys make some noise outside, and then Steph barfs on Joe. Hehe.

A laugh out loud hilarious book. Between Lula calling Uncle Mo 'Old Penis Nose', Grandma Mazur's date with a glass eye who take his teeth out to eat, and Steph having the worst luck in the world I was splitting a gut!

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  1. nath // 8:25 a.m.  

    Hey Chantal :D that one was funny indeed :D and Stephanie is so hilarious... how to stumble over a what appears to be simple situation and makes it really complex LOL :)

  2. Isabel // 10:04 a.m.  

    So what is next? Lorreta Chase? :)

  3. Nicole // 10:20 a.m.  

    This is as far as I got in this series about my hometown, I need to pick it back up. They are so funny!

  4. Holly // 3:56 p.m.  

    Seriously, this series cracks me up. HAHAHAHA!

    Love Steph. But Grandma will ALWAYS be my favorite

  5. Kris // 8:51 p.m.  

    I have to admit, I have never read her. I have the first book in my tbr pile and it has been there for a while. I am going to pop over and see what you thought of hte first one. See ya.

  6. Chantal // 8:30 a.m.  

    Nath, I love this series!

    Isabel, I have to read her soon because the book is due back at the library. I hope I like it as much as you did :)

    Nicole, ever since you told me that it was your home town I think about that everytime the name of it is mentioned, lol.

    Holly, Grandma Mazur needs her own TV show.

    Kris, you will laugh so hard when you read it.

  7. Jennie // 11:04 a.m.  

    These books kind of run together in my memory, but I do remember that the one about Uncle Mo was especially funny!