Absolute Trouble by Michelle Jerott
Published by Avon
Grade: B-

At six-feet-tall, red-haired, and an ex-cop, Dulcinea Quinn isn't someone you
want to mess with. But she meets her match when a friend on the police force
asks her to hide a valuable eyewitness to a murder on her New Orleans houseboat.
Julien Langlois is tall, dark, and dangerous--a man who hides secrets he doesn't
want Dulcinea to discover--and he's willing to use all his Cajun charm and
seductive persuasion to convince the beautiful redhead to free him from
protective custody. Neither Julien nor Dulcinea are prepared for the powerful
force of attraction that pulls them together--nor for the danger they'll have to
face before they can learn if their love will survive the threats to their

I was surprised at how much I liked this book. It was a free ebook release of the authors fist published story.

Dulcie was forced to retire from the police force after she was beat with a bat and had her back broken. She now lives in a house boat, and makes dolls.

As a favour for her friend, Dulcie agrees to let Julien, a yummy Cajun stripper who is witness to a murder, stay on her houseboat for a few days. It's not long before it's realised that Julien isn't just an innocent witness. His plan all along was to kill the Dragon..the man responsible for the death of his little brother, as well as the injury to Dulcie's back. Something went wrong at the hit, and instead of killing the Dragon, Julien saw the Dragon kill someone else.

Julien tries to use his charms against Dulcie in hopes of getting her to let him leave the boat. Dulcie isn't an innocent miss. She knows what he is up too, and she doesn't mind playing around with him in the sack. She makes it clear that no matter how many times they have sex, she wont be letting him off the boat.

The book is not without flaws...
- Dulcie thinking that she can't have babies because her back was broken. Um Ok.
-If you know anything about police procedure, you'll probably roll your eyes at the way Julien's 'protection' was handled.
-Dulcie falls in love in only 2 days even though she knows he is a liar pants on fire.

I was able to overlook those things because the story was enjoyable, and in the end I really did believe that they loved each other deeply.


  1. nath // 7:43 a.m.  

    Sounds like an interesting book... so this was an e-book? hmmmm.... might consider looking for her next book then.

  2. Chantal // 8:12 a.m.  

    Hi Nath. It was the authors first published book from 10 years ago. (she has written tons since then)
    She re-relased this one in print format for free as a thank you to her readers :)