Mistral's Kiss

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Mistral's kiss by Laurell K Hamilton

Published by Ballantine Books
Grade: DNF
The time has come for Meredith Gentry to put aside her detective work and
fulfill her ultimate obligation to the world of Faerie - where her efforts to
conceive an heir to the throne of the Unseelie Court are crucial to restoring
magic, and life itself, to the fey kingdom. And though her quest may be rife
with pleasures, the shadows of intrigue continue to suffuse the royal court…and
sabotage may lurk at any turn.While the Unseelie Mound reawakens in the dead
gardens, powerful curses are at work. Merry's uncle, the King of Light and
Illusion, schemes to accuse her immortal guardsmen of heinous crimes. And
Merry's own command of magic has turned wildly and dangerously unpredictable. As
plots and counterplots are hatched, and strategies and subterfuges played out,
the destiny of an entire world turns upon the fortunes of Merry Gentry: object
of obsession, target of treachery, pawn of uncertain fate.

It opened with a really odd dream sequence that I skipped through after the second page. Then we find out that Meredith has 15 bodyguards who are also her lover that she has sex with all day and night in hopes of getting pregnant. One of her lovers is a 4 foot guy with eyes so huge they take up his whole face. Another guy only has one eye. Another one is green.

When she has sex, she and her partner, and it seems everyone around them glows and different coloured lines shoot out of their bodies.

Mistral, I guess he is the Hero of the book, kisses her so badly that she gags on his tongue.

I made it to page 60 before I closed the book forever. I wont even bother jotting this one down in my books read in '07 list.


  1. Isabel // 9:59 a.m.  

    I know not to read that book. lol. Thanks.

  2. Nicole // 1:40 p.m.  

    I've heard nothing good about this author and you just confirmed it more. I will not be reading any of her stuff!

  3. Chantal // 1:52 p.m.  

    Ames warmed me against this author. I should have listened.

  4. Devon // 11:19 p.m.  

    Have you ever read anything else in the MG series? It started off okay, but went downhill quickly. This was one of the most absurd books I've ever read. Doesn't Mistral literally fall through the door and onto Merry having sex with someone?

    You didn't miss much. Naked fairies running through the woods and unintentional hilarity.

  5. ames // 12:37 a.m.  

    Yes you should have, I should also have reviewed this book the minute I read it so I could have saved your eyeballs. Are they still burning?

    Anyway, there's another delightful bit when one of the guards almost bites her breast off. Yummy.


  6. Chantal // 2:28 p.m.  

    This was my first (and last) LKH book.

    'They' talk about how bad Ben's Wildflower was, but at least that one was an entertaining read, and I will read more from the author.
    Mistrals kiss was so bad I couldn't even finish it.

  7. Chari-Dee // 3:58 p.m.  

    LKH's Anita series started out REALLY good, then it just got be all sex all the time. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but Anita changed and isn't even recognizable anymore. Plus, where once there was plot - 'tis no more.

    I still enjoy the MG books. I think I'm trying to hold on to my old love of Anita.