A, B, C, D, DNF?

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I have seen a few others do this, so I thought I would give it a go as well.

The first thing I should mention is that I read for pleasure. While reading, I do not sit here and pick the book apart looking for things to complain about. Thats not what reading is for me.
I'm not an author an editor or a paid reviewer. I just read because I like it, and review because I like it, too. :)
There are many things that I look for in a book. Does the book keep my attention? Can I picture myself as the Heroine, or with the Hero? Do I loath to put the book down for anything? Am I bummed when it ends? Is the book consistent, does everything make sense?
I think that I am a pretty easy reader. Honest as well. I like all sorts of things, I'm very open minded when I read, and I wont like a book simply because every other reader and her mother likes the book. The same goes for books that other people don't like. I have my own mind, I make my own decision, and then I post about them.
So, here is the breakdown of how I rate a book.

Grade A: Excellent! I can't think of a single negative thing. I can't put the book down. I'm happy reading it. I recommend to everyone. On my keeper shelf. If lost, I would pay to buy it again. I'll re read often.

Grade B:Very good. May have a few flaws, but nothing too drastic. I can't put it down. On my keeper shelf. I may re read again.

Grade C: It's Okay. Not very good, not very bad. It could have been better, so I wont care if my copy is lost or damaged. Grade C is not a bad. It just means it was an average read. Kinda like a 'satisfactory' in school. It's enough to pass to the class, but not enough to make your parents so proud that they buy you a new car.

Grade D: I don't like it. I forced myself to read it so that I could find out the ending. I want my money back.

DNF: Well, duh. I didn't finish it. Usually this happens when a book is very boring. Other explanations will be in review. I may want my money back on a D book, but DNF's are the only time I actually go to the store and get a refund.

I don't give F's. If a book is really that bad, then I just wont finish it. I would much rather put the crap book down, and move on to something worth my time.