Hot & Bothered by Susan Anderson

Published by MIRA

Socialite Victoria Hamilton had hers with a sexy Marine she knew only as Rocket.
But now her father's been murdered, her brother's on the lam, and the PI John Miglionni, whom her lawyer hired, turns out to be none other than the man she stole away from as the dawn broke over a Pensacola beach six years ago . And he wants answers. About a lot of things. But mostly about Victoria's daughter--the little girl with his dark eyes.

6 years ago Victoria had a week long fling with 'Rocket'. After her father is murdered, Rocket is hired to help track down Jarod, Victoria's brother , because he is wanted in questioning of the murder. Victoria also asks him to solve her father's murder. I guess the police think it's Jarod, so they have pretty much closed the book on it.

Rocket thinks that it will be a good idea to pretend that he and Victoria are engaged so that he has a valid 'in' when investigating things.

Deedee is Victoria's step mother, and even though Deedee has never cared one way or the other about Victoria, she all of a sudden is sweet and wanting to throw an engagement ball for Victoria and Rocket. Some guy with an agenda shows up at the ball drunk and lets it be known that Victoria gave her virginity to him when she was 17.

We get to see where Jarod is during all on the streets with some little 12 year old girl. I gotta say that the little street girl is the most interesting person in the whole book. She doesn't even seem to have anything to do with the actual plot though.

Oh yeah, there is a kid, too. A 5 year old that Victoria got knocked up with during her fling with Rocket. She talks like a college student. A drunk slurring college student who has forgotten how to pronounce certain words.

This book is guaranteed to put you in a slump. I don't know if I even want to pick up the next book in my TBR for fear that it will be as bad as this one.

For a title like 'Hot & Bothered' you would think that it would at least be hot. It just bothered me.

So, who killed the dad? Don't know-don't care.


  1. Mailyn // 11:51 p.m.  

    Ha! I know the feeling. It's happened to me so many times and lately it's one of those times again. I have so many books I've borrowed from the library and I'm afraid to start on the next one. Ugh. LOL.

  2. nath // 7:42 a.m.  

    Not my favorite Susan Andersen at all either... however, I'm excited about her book coming out at the end of this month :P

  3. Mollie // 10:12 a.m.  

    DAMN! I have that on my shelf. Haven't read anything by her. Now I'm afraid......

  4. QB // 12:07 p.m.  


    Maybe just writing that review will purge it's awfulness out of your system and you can move on to something better. If nothing else, try re-reading an old favorite.

    Don't you feel kinda betrayed when a book you expected to like, particularly from a successful author, turns out to be a dawg?

    Ya wanna borrow my Black Licorice Whip?

  5. Holly // 2:20 p.m.  

    Ha! I felt the same way about this book, although I did lurrrve some of her others.

    My favorite part of this book, the one thing that has stuck with me for years - is that the Rocket had such a ginormous manroot. *snicker*

    Who does that?

  6. Chantal // 12:21 a.m.  

    Mailyn, it's a good thing this one was a library book. I can bring it back and forget about. Phew.

    Nath, I have not read any of her other books. Which of hers would you recommened?

    Mollie, can't wait to hear your take on it.

    QB, I know! I do feel betrayed when it happenes on authors I love. I don't feel that way this time though because I didn't pay anything for it.
    I got my own whip, but thanks ;) lol

    Holly, this author does that, lol!! When I read the part where his life changed in the boys locker room after he found out he had such a wonderfuly big dick I rolled my eyes so hard that they hurt.

  7. nath // 7:48 a.m.  

    Hey Chantal :D

    I think you should try Skintight and Just for Kicks :P they are loosely connected :D I love Just for Kicks... whatever you do... stay away from Shadow Dance!

  8. Zeek // 10:11 a.m.  

    I'm with Nath- this one was a dud compared to her others ...

  9. Holly // 2:32 p.m.  

    I liked Shadow Dance, Nath. lol

    Skintight is one of my favorites..but it did have a certain squick factor. Email me if you want the skinny.

    Hmm, I can't think of any other titles off the top of my head, but I own all her books. :P