Let me entertain you

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Let me entertain you by Summer Jordan

Published by Total e bound

The good doctor has a secret. A marriage counsellor and syndicated columnist who's courting a book contract, Dr. Mike's wife left him for another man. Leanne Jameson, Wives-R-Us entertainer and queen of ambiance is the woman he needs to pose as his wife and the mother of his two-year-old twins. He soon discovers he needs her in other ways, and in those ways, her needs are every bit as strong as

This is such a great book!

Lea is a divorced woman who works with two of her friends in a business they started together. They are a trio of divorced women who decided to start up a company called Wives r us. What they do is act as hostess, cook and organizer for men who don't have wives, but need wife-type help.

Single dad Mike goes to Wives r us because he needs help getting his home organized for a dinner with some very important people that he wants a book deal with. He also wants to pretend that Lea is his wife. See, Mike is really Dr. Mike. Famous marriage counselor. The problem is that Mike's wife ran off with some guy on the internet, and he is terrified that the public will find out he couldn't keep his own marriage together and then lose his book deal.

What I liked most about this book is that Mike is such a wonderful guy. A lot of men in books these days seem to do one assholoic thing after another. They say hurtful things, act alpha macho, etc. Mike is a nice guy who isn't a weak pushover.
Dr. Mike is the type of man that we wish our daughters would bring home.

The emotional turmoil is very well written and believable. Lea is falling hard and fast for the Doctor, but she is a little uptight and isn't sure if she can be a good mother to his twins. Mike teaches her to relax and simply let go of some things. He watches her get close to his children and wishes that she was their mother.

An A from me. In Let me entertain you, the love scenes are scorching hot, the sexual tension as thick as syrup, the love story purely romantic and Dr. Mike is every woman's dream.


  1. Isabel // 1:12 p.m.  

    Oh this sounds really good. This one is going on the wish list. THANKS!

  2. Isabel // 1:16 p.m.  

    Crap in the face. It's an ebook. I'll have to wait. :(

  3. nath // 5:18 p.m.  

    I agree with both Isabel's comments :D it does sound really good :D

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