Exciting new book

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Back in July I reviewed All about Evie. The book stayed with me for a long time after I read it, and over the last few months I have picked it up and re read some of my favourite scenes.

I kept checking the authors website to see when the next book is out, and it looks like it is out in February/08. It seems for away, but it's just three more months. Yay.

The next book is called Everybody loves Evie. I sure do love Evie :-)

Former casino singer/actress Evie Parish has moved up in the world, joining Chameleon, an organization that exposes fraud using reformed con artists to catch current ones. On the personal front she's being pursued by her former fling, a hunky con artist, and her sexy new boss. It's hard to concentrate on the case with these two macho males squaring off, but Evie's up to the challenge.


  1. J. Kaye Oldner // 12:09 p.m.  

    I had "All about Evie" and wasn't planning reading it. Now you have me wondering if I should rethink that decision.

  2. Chantal // 1:27 p.m.  

    I had trouble with All about Evie at first, because I didn't like the Hero's accent or habits, but by the end of it I was really into it alot. It was a good book.