All jacked up by Penny McCall

Published by Berkley Sensation

Ever since Jack Mitchell barged into her life, librarian Aubrey Sullivan
has been abducted at gunpoint, taken on a death-defying car chase, and kissed silly. She's starting to think that maybe she should try to shake the brawny hunk... But Aubrey doesn't realize she's ticked off the biggest mobster in the western hemisphere. It seems that somewhere in her photographic memory is something he'd kill to keep quiet. And Jack can't exactly go to the good guys because, well, suddenly they think he's a mole. Now, Jack needs Aubrey to help clear his name. If only she'd do what he says, they might just get out of this mess alive. That is, if they can keep their hands off each other long enough to think straight...

One day while at work Aubrey is kidnapped by Jack. Jack says that he is only protecting her because there is a contract out on her. She is instantly suspicious and can tell that he is not telling her everything and she fights him every step of the way.
They do a great amount of bickering. She calls him a meat head who has no neck and he calls her a bony egghead. The teasing is rather funny and even though they started off doing it in order to annoy each other, it turns into pet names for each other. There are no hurt feelings, so it's all good.

This book was non stop action. Car chases, guns, fighting, bikers, Harleys, sleeping in caves, breaking into hotel rooms, mean dogs, a drug lord, dumb & scary hit men, dirty cops plus one tough sarcastic FBI agent and a smart sassy librarian. A fun read that I'm giving a B-.

There were a few minor inconsistencies that I had taken a mental note of, but as I write this review I can't remember what they were, so they must not have been that bad.
Please highlight area below for ending spoiler,
My favourite kind of ending is the classic happily ever after ending. Yeah, it's cliche, but that is what I like. In Jack me up, the Hero and Heroine do fall in love, but they never say it to each other. They have a "You tell me, and I'll tell you" moment, but the words are never said. I thought that I would hate that, but it worked better than I expected. It fit the couple rather well, as they are pretty unconventional.

I liked Jack me up, and I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series.


  1. Mollie // 2:56 p.m.  

    It's got a librarian in it....I'm sold. :)

  2. nath // 8:16 a.m.  

    Great review :D I'm happy you enjoyed it. I've been eyeing this book for quite a while... just waiting for someone to review it :P

    by the way, I got the Highlander's bride... still haven't read it yet, but got it :D

  3. Chantal // 1:30 p.m.  

    I just ordered the second in the series from Chapters :)

  4. Holly // 3:09 p.m.  

    I'll have to check this one out. It's going on my wish list.