Want some Robyn Carr books?

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I was lucky enough to win autographed copies of the Virgin River Trilogy from a contest at The Book Binge. Yay me! Thank you so much Robyn and Book Binge!

Before winning the books, I had already purchased Virgin River and Shelter Mountain. I don't need two copies of the first two books, so I am giving away the ones I had purchased.

All you have to do is post in this thread telling me that you want the books. Easy peasy :)


  1. Rosario // 12:12 p.m.  

    Oh, please, please, pick me!! *g* I've been wanting to try Carr for a while... I actually saw Virgin River at a charity shop the other day but didn't have time to stop for it, and when I went back a couple of days later it was gone. Grrrr!!

  2. ames // 12:48 p.m.  

    Pick me!! I've been wanting to give RC a try, as I've never read her before. Plus, I'm in Canada. LOL

  3. Dev // 3:20 p.m.  

    Pick me, pick me! I really, really want these books!

  4. Lori // 10:07 p.m.  

    OK, I have heard so much about these books. I need to read them! And mt TBR pile is woefully thin. I've read everything I have *pouting*...

  5. ·:*¨¨*:·.Mad.·:*¨¨*:·. // 10:30 p.m.  

    I don't need them but I'm posting because I loved what I've read in this series so far. I still have Mike's book in the TBR, though. :)

  6. Marg // 5:40 a.m.  

    No, no..pick me!

    I've heard so many good things about her books, but when I went to the store a few weeks ago they didn't have the first one, and I am not knowingly starting halfway through a series.

  7. ChristyJan // 10:17 p.m.  

    Please include me in this drawing. I'd love to win these books.

  8. Chantal // 9:47 p.m.  

    Look at the takers :) I'm keeping this up for a week to give everyone a chance to jump in.

  9. Robyn Carr // 11:50 p.m.  

    Can I just say, Chantel, that I LOVE that you are spreading the wealth? I thank you most kindly!! i think once these women get a taste... Could they be hungry for more?

  10. Robyn Carr // 11:51 p.m.  

    Ooops -- ChantAl. I'm not good with names.....


  11. Sue A. // 5:11 a.m.  

    What a generous thing to be doing! Please add into the draw, thank you!

  12. Crystal // 9:44 a.m.  

    Count me in as well. I love the series. If I win it will be one less X-mas present I have to buy. LOL

  13. Jennifer Y. // 2:21 p.m.  

    Count me in! I haven't read her books, but have heard so many good things about them! I would love to read them!

  14. Anonymous // 5:37 a.m.  

    Ooh ooh! Pick me! Pick me! Pretty please!
    I've heard so many good things about these books that I really wanted to give them a try. *Puppy Eyes*