Celebrity Detox

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Celebrity Detox (the fame game) by Rosie O'Donnell

Published by Grand Central
Why I read this: It was a Christmas present that I asked for.

Rosie's latest book. Celebrity Detox, a New York Times Best Seller, chronicling the ups and downs of the ''fame game.'' Rosie illuminates what it's like to be a celebrity by revealing her everyday family life and the pressures of being both a mom and a ''personality.''

Celebrity Detox talks a lot about what went on behind the scenes on The View. A huge screaming backstage fight with Barbara Walters, all the insider stuff about the fight with that dick-head Donald Trump.
I was expecting..okay, I was looking forward to a lot more gossip. The only person Rosie said anything bad about was Donald Trump. I was wanting to see some mud thrown at Elisabeth, but Rosie was rather tame. Very honest, but also very nice.

Rosie is a Celebrity that I enjoy. I don't agree with some of what she stands for, but I love how real, honest and out there she is. Even in this book she came off sounding very arrogant. Thats Rosie though. She makes no apologies, and thats why I like her.

C. Not a bad book, but there wasn't much I didn't already know from watching Entertainment Tonight. It was was read in one sitting, and 100% of proceeds from the book go to help kids who have nothing. That right there is reason enough to buy this book. Even if the only thing you do with it is put it up on a shelf and never look at it again.


  1. Dev // 2:31 p.m.  

    I was a huge fan of Rosie's during the days when she had her own talk show. I loved her. She was real, down-to-earth, and "the queen of nice". I'm not sure what happened. I still like some of the things she stands for ~ like all of her work with underprivileged kids ~ but she's not the lady I thought she was. I'm not sure I'd ever read this book, but I agree it would be a good investment since all of the money is going to the kids.

  2. nath // 9:17 p.m.  

    So what happened? I was never really a fan of Rosie... but not a hater either... Like I knew who she was... and then, suddenly, you had this big blow with Donald Trump and Barbara Walters....