Tell me what to read!

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Please! I am desperate for something really good. Give me something that I will love. I want to be able to connect with both the H/H. I want a page turner, something that will leave me happy at the end, but also a little bummed that the last page had to come.

I enjoy all romance genres, I'll read anything you throw at me.

My TBR is plentiful, and I still have gift cards left over from Christmas so I can order anything I don't already have.

Help me, please! I need to get off of this C streak.


  1. Casee // 3:04 p.m.  

    I have to say On a Highland Shore by Kathleen Givens.

    That's the last "wow" book that I read. Or anything by Jo Goodman. :)

    Good luck!

  2. nath // 3:32 p.m.  

    Hey Chantal :D

    I say try Warprize, Warsworn and Warlord... it's a trilogy by Elizabeth Vaughan. I loved it. Otherwise, did you read Jennifer Crusie? Unlucky by jana Deleon was a fun read too :D

    if not, only two weeks before Demon Night and Mine to Possess come out... by the way, did you read Poison Study? can't remember if you did...

  3. Mollie // 5:11 p.m.  

    I will be no help. I'm in my own reading slump. Still struggling to get out of it! Grr. Hope you get some good suggestions.

    One of my all time favs is Lucky's Lady by Tami Hoag though.

    Linda Howards Heart of Fire, Open Season, or Mr. Perfect are good reads.

  4. ChristyJan // 7:46 p.m.  

    I just read SHADOW MUSIC by Julie Garwood and TWILIGHT by Stephenie Meyer. I thought they were both great ~ they were both 1 day (each) reads for me.

    Meyer's book is the first in a new series of paranormal romance (it is a young adult book). Everywhere I go I see people reading it. I ordered the next 2 books in the series last night.

  5. Isabel // 12:02 a.m.  

    mmm, i haven't read anything really.. wow. Well, I finished the highlander book you reviewed. But you already read it. lol

  6. Lori // 12:32 a.m.  

    Hmmmm, weird, my comment isn't showing. Anyway, I loved the Heart of the South series by Linda Winfree. I've got them listed up over at my review blog. There are 4 books, all really really good!

    I've been in your shoes. Good luck!

  7. Zeek // 8:59 a.m.  

    I second Heart of Fire by Linda Howard.

  8. Chantal // 11:00 a.m.  

    Hi Casee, thanks for the suggestion :)

    Nath, I have never read Jennifer Crusie. I will though.
    I have Poison Study in my TBR! Hmm, I may read that next.

    Hi Mollie, I read that Tami Hoag book, I think reviewed it. Hope your slump is over soon.

    ChristyJan, I thought Twilight was boring. I may have gotten mad at Holly for pimping it so much, LOL!

    Geez, Izzy, you are no help. :-P

    Hi Lori, thanks for the suggestions :)

    Zeek, I have that book in my TBR.

  9. Linda // 6:19 p.m.  

    Thanks for asking, Chantal!

    One of my fav romances of 2007 was "Gianna" by Peggy Somers. It's a really well-written book about love, sex (both the pleasurable and seedy sides btw), relationships and the ups and downs in life.

    Happy reading in 08,