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Trapped by Chris Jordan

Published by Mira
Why I read this: I was in the mood for a good thriller.

"Mom, I need your help. Please call--"

That's it. The call cuts off in mid sentence. No static. Nothing. Just an
overwhelming silence.

Long Island single mom Jane Hartley is frantic when her sixteen year-old daughter, Kelly, a survivor of childhood leukemia, disappears from her bedroom one night. To Jane's frustration, the police believe that Kelly ran off willingly with her boyfriend, Seth. Unaware that her daughter even had a boyfriend, Jane soon discovers that Seth is no boy. He is an adult -- a man who, after meeting Kelly on, took the teenager on one thrill-seeking ride after another. From motorcycles to skydiving, Jane's little girl has been hiding some dangerous secrets. Like mother, like daughter. Adamant that Kelly is not a runaway but, rather, is being held against her will, Jane hires ex-FBI agent Randall Shane to follow the trail of her missing child. But every step brings
them closer to a cold-blooded predator lurking in the shadows . . . coiled around Jane's shameful secret . . . waiting to strike.

Trapped was not what I expected. To tell you the truth, I thought I had bought a romantic suspense thriller. Turns out that this thriller was just that. A thriller. No romance at all.

Jane (BTW, the last name on the back of the not the same name as in the book.) is the single mother of teenager. A good kid who has been hiding some stuff from her mom. You see, she met this guy on the net and started hanging out with him. They went sky diving, rode motorcycles without a helmet, etc.

Kelly runs off somewhere with the guy and they go and get themselves kidnapped.

Jane goes to the police, but they are of little help. She contacts a former FBI agent who agrees to help Jane find her daughter.

The suspense is great, but most importantly, the characters were believable. Shane, the FBI dude, messed up at one point. A hero who actually screws up and isn't perfect. Gotta love it.

Trapped is not without flaws. There are too many villains, and I got mixed up a few times not knowing who was who.

I'll give it a solid C. It was entertaining and interesting while I read it, but not all that memorable


  1. nath // 6:52 p.m.  

    I bet it would have been better if there's been romance in it :P I did pick it up, but put it back down... because the heroine was a single mom of a teenager and because there seems to be no romance. I'm glad I skip on it :D thanks for the review!

  2. Chantal // 11:36 a.m.  

    You're welcome, Nath :)