The Darkest Kiss by Gena Showalter
Why I read this: Gena Showalter is an auto buy for me, and I thought the first book in the series was great.

I expected great things for The Darkest Kiss. I thought that The Darkest Night was really good, so perhaps my expectations were just too high.

I'm not able to put my finger on what the problem was, but The Darkest Kiss was boring. Thats the only way I can put it. The first few chapters were good, and I thought for sure that it was going to be another great read from a favourite author, but unfortunately it wasn't like that. Something, I'm not sure what, just seemed to fizzle out. There was no desire for me to read on at all. I didn't care about turning the page or finding out what would happen next. I think because nothing was happening. Just a bunch of scenes of the H/H obsessing over each other, fighting and being annoying to the one another as they can be. I guess it was just dragging on too much for me to enjoy.

Th Darkest Kiss was a DNF for me.

Having said that, I still do plan to read the third installment of the series this month.

Ain't She Sweet by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Why I read this: I wanted to try something by this author, and this book caught my eye first.

Loved it! A contemporary read about a small town girl who burned a lot of bridges with friends and family back home. When she came back to the town she grew up in to look for a painting, she found love with someone she hurt in the past.

The conflict was awesome, and I must say that of the two main men in the book, she did not end up with the one I thought she would end up with. You see, I only read a few lines of the back cover blurb before deciding that this sounded like a nice read.

I do have a few issues with the way she was treated though. Some of the people who were mean to her when she came back home where just follwing the leader. They had no reason to be SO bitchy to her. Even though I didn't like how they treated her, it went well with the story. I love the writing style this author has. Very nice flow. B+. I can't wait to read more from this author.

Lover Enshrined by JR Ward
Why I read this: I don't know! But I mean it when I say that this is the last one. Grrrr.

Well, the Lesser POV's are back. That sucked. I did a lot of skimming. I skimmed the Lesser stuff, of course. I also skimmed plenty of Phury's POV. For most of his scenes he was talking to a voice in his head. A voice he calls The Wizard. The Wizard shows up when Phury is high or needs to get high.

Not nearly enough time was spent on the H/H. Much of the book focused on Qhuinn and JM. I'm not surprised though. Ward even said that this book would be a stepping stone for Q and JM. The worst part though, the part that I hate the most is the dialogue. Not only is the speech more annoying that it was before, but now all the Shellans talk like that. Some of it was entertaining-I have to admit that Ward can pull off a good twist (when she isn't killing pregnant women, and turning Shellans into ghosts). There was just too much skimming, and too many wall banging moments to make this book anything other than a C-

I need to re read Dark Lover ASAP. I need to get the horrible taste of the last few books in this series out of my mouth.


  1. Bev(QB) // 12:43 a.m.  

    re: LE "Not nearly enough time was spent on the H/H"

    Now see, that's what I LIKED about LE. The less Cormia, the better, I say! LOL

  2. Holly // 11:49 p.m.  

    Wasn't Ain't She Sweet? awesome? I love Sugar Beth. I know a lot of people hated that book, but it's right up there on my list of favorites by her. :)

  3. ames // 12:16 a.m.  

    Great mini-reviews. I think I may do some to catch myself up.

    I read an SEP not too long ago, it was really good too. I like her.

    I've got LE in my tbr pile, but I don't know...LOL

  4. Seneca // 3:56 p.m.  

    I wonder why people don't like Ain't she sweet?
    Sure, Sugar Beth may have started off as a spoiled rich bitch brat, but she didn't stay that way.

    I'm glad I read it. :)

    Amy, skip LE. It sucked.