Hurry! For book discounts.

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There is only one day left to get a nice 20% discount on all e-books at Resplendence Publishing. Use code SHOP20 at check out. Discount code ends Jan 5'th. So hurry!

Here just a few titles to choose from.

After Winter's dominant husband, Nicolas, punishes her for being naughty, the-usually-nice-but-now-sexually-frustrated Winter arrives at their secluded mountain cabin bearing gifts-special gifts that will ensure his submission and her revenge.

With only seven days left until Christmas, Nicolas expects to spend the night decorating the house for the approaching holiday, but Winter has other plans.

Christmas might be coming, but if Winter gets her way, Nicolas won't be.

After Delaware Brooks sends a silly email about what she would like the new boss to do to her, she is called into the boss's office. The punishment? Every hot, sexual craving she has ever had, fulfilled. But Templeton McAdam is not the only new man in her life. His best friend, Speed is invited to enjoy Delaware much to her surprise and excitement. Two men. One woman. Their only desire is to please her.

Intense pleasure is one thing, but is it wrong to enjoy both men? What would a good girl do? And should she be falling in love with them so fast? But sudden love is not the only problem Delaware has. Someone is watching her every move and planning on teaching her a lesson.

Nicole Anderson owns a successful costume design business, has a wealth of small town friends and sleeps in a lonely bed haunted by demons from the past. She’s convinced herself her life is exactly the way she wants it and has shot down every marriageable man within a fifty-mile radius.

When Hunter Douglas is assigned the task of delivering a deceased friend’s children to their aunt, he must first convince the belligerent Nicole Anderson that she actually had a sister. Though forced to take his two charges to Minnesota, Hunter fully intents to persuade Ms. Anderson to allow the children to return to New York with him —without sharing his own little secret. The last thing he wants to do is fall in love with a woman who lives in a small Midwest town with neighbors who seem to know every move he makes.

As the heat index between Nicole and Hunter rises, a bizarre puzzle begins to unfold involving false birth certificates, a stolen suitcase, odd pictures, an elusive stalker, and a grandfather’s legacy that could turn deadly.

When Angelina's sister is kidnapped, she is forced to steal a much sought-after formula. Fortunately, fate has paired her with a handsome vampire who has promised to help save her beloved sibling.

Dante wants to break through the frozen barriers of Angelina's heart, and will do almost anything to accomplish his goal. But first, he and Angelina must fight the evil and keep the precious formula out of evil hands.

Will Dante and Angelina be successful in their quest? Or will the blood spilled be their own?

Hope Verdetti lies to her mother about having a phenomenal fiancé who surprises her on a trip to Vegas. Now, her family expects him to come home with her for the holidays. She needs a man that fits the bill- and fast!

After seven interviews with hired, handsome applicants in three days, she finds her solution in the neighborhood coffee shop. Sexy and irresistible Jon Edwards volunteers for the task, having an agenda of his own.

With their holiday agreement set, Jon turns up the heat and gives Hope the present of her life… himself.

Go forth and buy ye books. There are many other great titles that await you.


  1. Midnyte Dupree // 1:16 p.m.  

    Hey! Thanks for posting a link to Winter's Blood! Your blog looks great and one I'll visit as often as I can.


  2. Stacy~ // 6:59 a.m.  

    I've never read anything by this publisher before. I'm trying to read more ebooks, so maybe I should start, huh?

    I like the new look, btw.

  3. Flora // 9:43 a.m.  

    Is it still on?

  4. Seneca // 6:34 p.m.  

    Midnyte, You're welcome :) Please do visit often.

    Stacy, they are a great publisher.

    Flora, today is the last day for that particular discount. There are others though.

  5. Rowena // 7:56 p.m.  

    I just finished reading Secrets of the Heart and I really enjoyed it, am looking forward to starting Secret Sacrifices tonight, woot!