Red Ribbons and Blue Balls by Tia Fanning
Why I read this: Between the cover, the summery and the fact that I have read and loved the authors others books, I couldn't not read it.

After Winter's dominant husband, Nicolas, punishes her for being naughty, the-usually-nice-but-now-sexually-frustrated Winter arrives at their secluded mountain cabin bearing gifts-special gifts that will ensure his submission and her revenge.

With only seven days left until Christmas, Nicolas expects to spend the night decorating the house for the approaching holiday, but Winter has other plans.

Christmas might be coming, but if Winter gets her way, Nicolas won't be.

Red Ribbons and Blue Balls is an adorably sexy read. It's a short story about a submissive wife, Winter, who is fed up with the type of punishments her husband inflicts on her. He gets her to the point of teetering on the edge of an orgasmic cliff but denies her the final push. She decides to give her husband a taste of his own medicine, but unfortunately, things don't go as planned.

This is a good book for anyone who likes it hot and to the point. The hero and heroine are already married so you get to skip right to the good stuff.

Even though it's a short story we still get a glimpse into the workings of their relationship outside of the bedroom. Even though Winter is a sub to her Dom husband, she still needs to occasionally rebel and prove to herself that she has some control.

I give Red Ribbons and Blue Balls an A. The light BDSM of this D/s couple is good enough to whet the appetite of someone who loves a good BDSM read (like me). But is still gentle enough for those who are not overly fond of the life style, but still appreciate to read about it every now and then.


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