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Dream a Little Dream and Kiss an Angel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips.
Why I read these: Dream a little Dream because I liked the blurb. Kiss an Angel because I liked Dream a Little Dream so much.

SEP is a new to me author. Having only read three of her novels I feel like I have been missing on on something really big and great.

Dream a Little Dream was about a widow and her young son coming back to a town that once loved, but now hated her. Her husband was a Televangelist preacher who scammed people out of their money. He confessed his sins on live TV, putting all the blame on her.
When she returns, she begs for a job from Gabe, a man who is the towns most loved son. Gabe is also a widow. He lost his wife and son is a car accident and as much as he falls for (name) he can't bring himself to like her son.
Rachel will do anything and everything for the welfare of her child, even if it means giving up on the man she loves so much.

My feelings are summed up in this series of emails with Holly.

Re: Dream a Little Dream
I just saw on your sidebar that you read this book. What did you think? It's one of my favorites by her, but it's not for everyone.

Me: Oh, I loved it! I finished it in less than a day.
It reminded me a little bit of Ain't she Sweet? in the sense that she was coming back to a town that hated her.

Even better than the love story I liked how the relationship with her son and Gabe evolved. Some of those parts, as a mother, were hard to read, but I liked how it ended.

Holly: I completely agree about Gabe and her son (remind me what his name is...I'm drawing a blank). That was painful to read at times, but completely understandable from Gabe's perspective. I wanted to be angry with him or hate him for the way he acted, but I couldn't because my heart was breaking for him.

It really grabs you right from the beginning, doesn't it? I loved that Rachel was willing to do whatever it took to support her son, though. Even if it meant being humiliated. I need to re-read. lol

Me: Edward is his name (or Chip, lol)

Have you read Cal and Janet's story? I wonder if it's any good.

There were many emotional parts to DALD. After that teen stole the car with the kids in it, and then got into the accident. eek. Poor Gabe. I mean, poor Rachel for having to go through that fear, but more so for Gabe who had already gone through it once before :(

Holly: That's right! Duh. lol

Yes, I've read all of SEP's books. I didn't care for Cal's story (Nobody's Baby But Mine). I think it's mostly because the storyline isn't one that works for me. That one and Heaven, Texas are my least favorite by her.

There were a lot of emotional parts. The whole book is just an emotional roller coaster ride from start to finish. My heart broke for Rachel when she'd go hungry so Chip could eat. :(

Holly is exactly right. Dream a Little Dream was indeed an emotional roller coaster. I can see myself picking it up for re-reads many times in the future.

After reading Dream a Little Dream I wanted to dive right in to another SEP book, and Kiss an Angel was recommended by both Ames and Holly.
Gosh, I don't know which book I liked better. Both touched me in different ways, they were so good.

In Kiss an Angel, Daisy is forced to go to jail or marry Alex, a man who runs a Circus. She chooses to marry Alex, and they agree that the marriage will last only six months. Alex is a hard hearted man who wont love Daisy, and he refuses to let her believe that they will last longer than the 6 months, no matter how good they are together in bed. Daisy, or Feather head as he calls her, (because of the way her hair is feathered) chips away at the ice covering his heart, and by the end of the book it is he who is begging her for a chance to make things work.
Truly a Happily Ever After.

One of my favourite things about Kiss an Angel is how Daisy grows. She starts off being deathly afraid of animals, but by the end of the book she has a pet tiger and a pet elephant.

I loved both these books. Can't wait to delve into my next SEP!


  1. Holly // 4:20 p.m.  

    After talking with you the other day I pulled my SEP's out and plan to take them on vacation with me this weekend so I can re-read them. She has an amazing talent for drawing the reader into the story and wrapping them up in the emotions of the characters. My heart hurt so many times while reading these.

    I also have to say, I absolutely LOVED the games Daisy and Alex played in KAA. Especially when they have dinner out. Ha!

    I know a lot of people have been put off by KAA because of the circus setting, but it isn't cheesy like you'd think it would be. Don't you think?

  2. Seneca // 4:29 p.m.  

    Wow. I can't imagine why anyone would be put off at all. It was entertaining to read about the Circus. I've never read a book that takes place in that setting. I liked it.

    Yes, those restaurants parts were hilarious. I Laughed out loud each time. Hehe

  3. ChariDee // 6:21 p.m.  

    When I first discovered SEP I fell in love too. I ran straight to the library (no bookstore in my town) and read every title by her they had. I adore her! I couldn't believe it too me so darn long to read her.

    There's just something about and SEP book that grabs a person and doesn't want to let go!

  4. nath // 11:07 a.m.  

    Perhaps I should give KAA another chance. I just wasn't into it when I first read... although, SEP doesn't really work for me :(

    Glad you've been enjoying though!