Sorority Girl

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Sorority Girl: Pledge Time by Cheryl Dragon
Why I read this: I was in the mood for some f/f and the cover attracted me.

I struggled with whether or not I should post this review. It's the worst one I have ever given. Perhaps you can call it a rant more than a review, but I did try to explain the things that where wrong with it.

Hazing has never been this hot! At the mercy and sexual whim of their kinky sorority president, Ashley and Blanca must work together to please her and each other. However these former enemies find more than great sex, kinky toys, and Dom/sub play. Lesbian Ashley finds herself falling for the experimenting Blanca. In the past Blanca used sex to get what she wants from men so women are no different but the pleasure and intense connection is more intimate with women. Even when she backslides and brings two men in to play with, Blanca wants Ashley nearby. True love and great sex in the form of her high school nemesis is just too weird. Blanca needs Ash's help and it tests how far she will go for her in this three-way that pushes their limits. One night could push them apart or bring them together for good. Can they build trust and find love under the wrathful paddle of their sorority president?

It's always been difficult to find a good f/f book. Out of all the ones I have read there has only been one that was any good and it was not even erotica. I've come to the conclusion that the reason f/f is not popular is because the grand majority of them are nothing more than porn disguised with a pretty cover and labeled as erotica.

Just like all but one of the other f/f's I have read, Sorority Girl is no different. Porn and erotica are NOT the same thing and it's books like this that give erotica a bad name. Although the author appears to write well when her subjects are men (I've not read her m/m books, but she has plenty--so someone likes them) it felt too me like Sorority Girl was written by a man for a man who had a f/f fantasy.

The plot was unbelievable. The two main characters who hated each other in high school are in the same Sorority. When they start having a sexual relationship it's simply because they are horny. They don't like each other, and call each other bitches, sluts and other names during their sex scenes. One of them can't resist a naked girl, no matter how much she hates her, and the other just likes to have sex... with anyone, anywhere, at any time.

The girls fall in love at the end, but I don't see how. When they were together the only thing they did was have have sex. There was no conversation that had anything to do with anything other than sex with each other, sex with the Sorority President, wanting to have sex with a teachers aid or how they were going to hide the sex they have together from the Sorority President--who had forbid them to have sex with anyone other than her.

Sorority Girl is a F (This is my first F...). It was a bunch of sex scenes slapped together. No story, no romance. It was porn.

Please! Someone recommend me a f/f that I will like before I give up the genre for good.


  1. ~ames~ // 1:44 p.m.  

    That's too bad.

    What was the one good f/f you read?

    I'm also trying to make sense of that cover. The angle of the lady in the back in regards to her just seems off.

  2. nath // 6:13 p.m.  

    Hmm, I feel like there's a third person in that cover ^_^;

    Good review though.

  3. Kate Diamond // 9:01 p.m.  

    I think we're supposed to be so focused on boobage that we don't notice legs... just a guess...